SICAB 2013 Sevilla

Into Spanish horses and some sun in december?

I wouldn’t mind so I took the invitation and went to “sunny Spain” to attend the annual event “Salon International del Caballo de Pura Raza Espanola”. (SICAB)

The Sicab is a 5 days horse event held at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos in the city of Sevilla. It’s a perfect mix of Spanish tradition (including the macho men) and different equestrian disciplines such as Show Jumping, Doma Vaquera, Carriage driving and off course Dressage/Alta Escuela.Sicab2013

Don’t expect perfect dressage moves or thrilling show jumping, but leave yourself into the Spanish lifestyle and the love of their horses.MaresSevillaSicab    FoalSicabSevilla

Nothing’s more perfect than spending the day looking at the Purebred Spanish Stallion competition while enjoying the sunshine in 20 degrees on a 6th of December.

The 6th of December wasn’t only a sunny day but it’s also the day the famous city lights in Sevilla were switched on, on the occasion of the celebration of Bufanda (a friendly witch who gives presents).

20131206_183617    20131208_113757

If you are looking for a citytrip at the end of the year where you can enjoy sunshine and horses, save the date: 2-7 December 2014.

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