Le Saut Hermès 2014, Paris

Fashion week Paris is nearly over and there’s already another stylish event waiting around the corner.

The 5th edition of “Le Saut Hermès”, a 5* international jumping competition, will take place from 14 until 16 March 2014 in the beautiful venue The Grand Palais.

image (7)

The indoor area with the glass roof gives the riders and visitors that luxurious feeling which perfectly matches the Hermès look.


I’m always impressed by the atmosphere. It’s the perfect venue for a great mix of top sport and fashion.

image (8)

image (6)

Talking about fashion…When in Paris, you must visit the Hermès shop at Rue du Faubourg. This beautiful shop breathes the luxurious lifestyle of Hermès.


Today the brand is mostly known for his exclusive Birkin bags, but in the flagship store in Paris, you can still shop a large collection of equestrian equipment. By the way, in 1837 Thierry Hermès founded the Hermès company as a manufacturer of horse harnesses.





In the middle of the shop, you can find this beautiful painting, surrouned by horses.


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