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In 2013, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna was opening his doors to professional trainers. The idea was to open the school for foreign riders to share their century old knowledge of classical dressage.Equestrian LifestyleThe perfect opportunity for me (as a trainer/rider) to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes and to learn more about their training methods.The training course took place at the equestrian center Heldenberg, about 50 km outside of Vienna.aA brand new and modern training center with all facilities, in the middle of nowhere, where every horse feels like a king. The perfect place to improve your training in a professional environment.cEvery horse has his own paddock to enjoy the sunshine.dThe outdoor area is in perfect condition to train high school dressage.e

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog Spanish Riding School A little sneak peek into the stables: spacious boxes with a lot of light.fThe beautiful indoor areagUnfortunately, it was not allowed to take pictures during the training sessions.hOur group of trainers came from all over the world, which leads to very inspiring discussions. The course – an sich– was very interesting and chief rider Andreas Hausberger was answering all our questions. We also had the chance to attend the daily training sessions with the schoolhorses and permanent riders. For those who wonder, no rollkur or no low-deep-round methods were shown. After a week of training, I took some time to visit the famous indoor arena in the center city of Vienna.SAM_576020130919_1706219A few times a year the horses are switched stables, the ones who live in the center of Vienna are moving to Heldenberg and those who are stabled in Heldenberg come to Vienna. In the center of Vienna, there is no place for grazing or running and bocking around in the field. But what a privilege the Lipizzaner stallions have in Vienna: world’s largest oval horse walker. With its 132 m, the walker can fit 20 horses in it. 20130919_160316

A guided tour leads you through the stables, the tack room and the indoor area.5A sample of the different marks6You can have a drink in the café or buy some goodies at the souvenir shop.20130919_15182510I enjoyed my stay in Vienna and can recommand it to everyone!

For the professional trainers/riders who are interested in the traditional way of dressage training, check out the training center in Heldenberg. I would like to thank Andreas Hausberger and the other trainers for all the information and interesting training week.

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  1. lensaddiction
    June 13, 2014 / 1:34 am

    What a FABULOUS opportunity, seeing the Lipizzaners in Vienna is absolutely on my bucket list and I hope I get the chance one day.

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