New Year’s Resolutions

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you continue to get what you’ve always got”


Horses that continually do the same thing quickly become bored and unmotivated. Here are some tips to spice up your riding habbits and bring back the fun into your daily work with the horses.

#1 Knowledge exchange

 You love showjumping? Why not get in touch with your favorite riders, attend their daily training and get some inspiration.


#2 New discipline

Ever thought of participating a polo game initiation? Or tried some vaulting? Working with your horse on the long reins or do some freestyle excercises? Or maybe some driving? Endless possibilities. Check out the equestrian disciplines and habbits abroad for more inspiration. (photo credit Lorenzo)


#3 Good times

Bring back your childhood memories when you had so much fun with your pony, start playing again, have a good gallop now and than and invite your horse friends to do the same.

equestrian horse

#4 Holiday

Book a holiday for you and your horse. Nothing as relaxing than some quality time with your best friend. Imagine cantering along the beach or exploring the countryside.

Equestrian Lifestyle Holiday

#5 Health

Reflect on your horse’s health and happiness level. Create a training schedule, build up his cardiovascular and muscle strenght and give him regular exercise. Go the extra mile and put another workout in on your horse. Your equine friend will be sure thank you later!


The Equestrian Lifestyle Team wishes you a wonderful 2015!




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