The New York Fashion Week is in full force, so time for us to bring back some memories of extraordinary equestrian fashion items.

Worn by Lady Gaga, abhorred by animal lovers but worth talking are the “Hoof Heels” created by German artist Iris Schieferstein.

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog Hoof Heels

For many years the fashion taxidermist worked with dead animals as raw material for her pieces of art. With her collection, she gives us a whole other view on dead fragments.

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog Hoof HeelsEquestrian Lifestyle Blog Hoof Heels If you are a fan or not, at least you can say she is pretty original.Also Alexander McQueen was inspired by this theme and made a similar collection in 2012.

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog Hoof Heels

For us, a regular pair of riding boots will do 😉

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