Massimo Dutti Equestrian S/S15

Be prepared to get into to irresistable equestrian world of Massimo Dutti.

Massimo Dutti Equestrian Lifestyle

One year ago Massimo Dutti already made an equestrian collection and dito film and this season the equestrian world inspires again. (click on the picture to see the video)

Massimo Dutti Equestrian

The equestrian world inspires Massimo Dutti to create an exclusive collection that pays tribute to the elegance and allure of the equestrian world.

Massimo Dutti Equestrian

Another season the brand relies on one of the world’s most celebrated fashion photographers, Mario Testino who this time, tells a new story, with the help of four characters portrayed by models Alisa Ahmann, Vanessa Axente, Mathias Lauridsen y Nikolai Danielse.

Massimo Dutti Equestrian

Go and check out the facebookpage for more information. (click picture)

Massimo Dutti Equestrian


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