Equitana show “Amirando”

Every other year, the world’s largest equestrian sports fair Equitana in Germany brings together the most popular trainers, world-class riders and show stars.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

 This year’s Hop Top evening spectacle “Amirando”  stands out as the show highlight and guarantees unforgettable images. You will get to experience a mix of breathtaking stunts, colorful imagery and the poetic togetherless of man and horse, all based on 3 principles: friendship, trust and harmony.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

Featuring show acts accentuated by music and dramatic lighting, “Amirando” portrays their trusting and intense relationship, shows subtle communication using barely visible signals.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

Christophe Hasta Luego, known from the Apassionata shows, gives you a glimp of liberty training.

Equitana Lorenzo Equestrian LifestyleLorenzo, the flying French man and acrobate rider shows you his stunts and outstanding talent.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

And in every show is a funny note…

French Artist Jean-Baptiste Duperray and his Company des Quidams let his balloon horses dance, which gives a beautiful and breathtaking effect.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

The show starts at 8 pm on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

More info www.equitana.com  or www.hop-top-show.com

Indoor foto credits Rainer Schimm/Sven Cramer

Thanks to Equitana for the invitation!

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