Baywatch for equestrians

The Global Champions Tour crew amazes us every time with their incredible venues and world class showjumping. But this year, they go further than beyond everyone’s imagination. The thrilling launch destination of 2015 will be Miami Beach! (credits LGCT)

Global Champions Tour

These days you wish you were a showjumper, right?  Miami beach itself is already amazing, white beaches, blue ocean and around 30° degrees. In combination with the LGCT event, it will be the best place on earth for the next 4 days.

Global Champions Tour

Pure perfection. Let’s enjoy some incredible pictures. (credits LGCT)

Global Champions Tour

Number one in the GCT ranking: Scott Brash

Scott Brash

Like all riders, spectators and VIP guest say, this is a top class event. Every detail breaths luxury and style. Our eyes immediatly catches the equestrian decoration by Eichholtz (click).

laatste collage ok

Pure elegance for your home.

You can follow the LGCT live from 2nd untill 4th April 2015.

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