Tack cleaning day

Clean tack always motivates me to train my horses better and more professional. So I created a habbit to clean my riding boots and saddle every time I’ve used it. (call me a freak :)) When I was challenged to test and review the new leather care products of Chambers & Co, I couldn’t resist. So I decided to make my leather boots and tack extra dirty for the test.Equestrian LifestyleThere are three versions of the Chambers Leather Balsam, which are made of Beeswax, Coconut and Jojoba oils. The balsam has very smooth consistency and is easy to apply and polish. It restores old leather and maintains new leather. Scuff marks become less visible and colour is restored to its original.Equestrian LifestyleThe products come in a classy black box with little polish towels, which are very handy. You can choose between an unscented version, a lavender one and a vanille fragranced. If you are into vanilla, I could recomend that one, cause the scent is lovely. Also included is a Chambers Waterproofer, made of Pine Resin, Beeswax, Carnauba and Coconut oil and perfect for dark leather.Equestrian Lifestyle The dirty riding boots are shining again 🙂 Equestrian Lifestyle What I absolutely love about the products is the non-stickyness, so perfect to try on little accessoires such as spur leather straps. Equestrian LifestyleNice and clean tack, thanks to Chambers & Co



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