The road to Rio with Pampeano

The road to Rio 2016. Luxury South American inspired leather goods brand, Pampeano, launches their limited edition polo belts, in celebration of the great sporting summer of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Designed in Great Britain and hand-crafted in South America, this patriotic time piece perfectly pays homage to the first ever olympics in South America. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog PampeanoWith this limited-edition Brazil flag polo belt, Pampeano celebrates South America’s largest country, and its former capital Rio de Janeiro, whose motto this summer will be ‘Live Your Passion’. Whether you’ll be spectating from home with your loved ones, or journeying to Rio’s arenas to watch or compete, there is a shared passion for adventure and sportsmanship. pampeano has its roots firmly set in the beautifully vast plains of La Pampa found only in South America. Here, the famous gauchos herd cattle and practise their expert horsemanship on estancias that are surrounded by views of the impressive and instantly recognisable Andes Mountains. With this polo belt, Pampeano brings you a piece of this rich heritage with leatherwork that has been perfected by local artisans from generation to generation.Equestrian Lifestyle Blog The Brazilian flag is often called the ‘Auriverde’ by locals, and is synonymous not only with sport, but with Carnival. Rio de Janeiro’s carnival celebration, the largest in the world, sees two million people per day joining in the street parades, which are bursting with colour and alive with singing and samba dancing.  The vibrant colours in this Brazil flag polo belt will bring culture and worldwide celebrations wherever you go.

Equestrian Lifestyle BlogThis polo belt has been created using bright red, white and royal blue saddlery threads, in honour of Britain’s participation in the games this Summer in Rio. Pampeano is a long history of athletic prowess with this British design – their own take on the iconic Union Jack. Even if you are spectating from afar, this belt is the perfect piece to wear to show your support, in the thrilling run-up to the summer games. (under: Prince Harry, UK)Equestrian Lifestyle Blog The stitching is rendered onto the leather completely by hand, in a process that takes up to 5 hours. The threads have been meticulously stitched onto thick Havana Brown leather, ensuring that this unique design will endure the long life of the equally high-quality leather. The buckle is nickel-free with an antique brass finish, and the width of the belt is our standard 3.5cm.Equestrian Lifestyle BlogA pampeano belt allows everyday wear to become distinctive and exciting. Express your individuality by choosing your favourites from the entire collection, and create conversation pieces wherever you go, with the finest examples of South American heritage and craftsmanship.

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