Design your perfect slippers

A match made in heaven. Let your inner creative out and design your perfect pair of slippers for summer. High-quality materials like velvet, linen, tweed and leather in combination with bright colors and equestrian touches…no doubt, we are a fan! We ‘ve designed some beautiful slippers with the online tool by Stubbs & Wootton. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog

Founded in 1993 by Percy Steinhart, the luxury slipper brand has made it to posh parties to enhance formal wear, to popular resorts and is worn by lots of celebrities. Recently, they launched a Polo trunk collection. The limited edition slippers were sold out in no time, which inspired us to design our own colorful slipper. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog By using the tool on the Stubbs & Wootton website, you can choose your fabric, color and favorite logo to create your dream slipper.Equestrian Lifestyle Blog As you might imagine their shoes are not cheap, but they are handmade and the quality is outstanding. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog We went for our favorite colors: blue, pink and beige. Off course you can pick any color you like.Equestrian Lifestyle Blog There are several equestrian logos: stirrups, a polo horse, a polo logo, a jumping horse,… but you can also add any initials or words you would like. Beache please…Equestrian Lifestyle Blog The slippers are available at Stubbs & Wootton. (price +- 450$)Equestrian Lifestyle Blog

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