The Dressage Collection

Dressage Bags for Dressage Chicks

Inspired by the most prestigious and elegant of equestrian pedigree, dressage epitomizes the subtle yet masterful control of detail and execution creating the perfect balance of strength and beauty. Defined by grace, harmony and balance, it is an art form of control, diligence and stature best described as poetry in motion.Equestrian Lifestyle (Above: Grand Prix Collection * Tack Bag – Putty) The heritage of The Dressage Collection embodies the finest combination of materials and textures expertly crafted with precision and passion. Founder and president Charles Chehebar, created an exceptional collection of fine leather goods and accessoires inspired by the elegance of the equestrian sport.Equestrian Lifestyle(Above: The Bridle Collection * Trotter Hobo in Denim/Coral) Hand-crafted in Italy by the most experienced and legendary family of artisans. Every creation in the collection is expertly executed in the finest European leathers or responsibly resourced exotic materials.Equestrian Lifestyle(Above: The Bridle Collection * Mini Trotter Sky Blue) The Dressage Collection offers bespoke and ready-made products of refined practicality and uncomplicated elegance. The perfect accord of stylish design, superb execution and modern luxury.Equestrian Lifestyle(Above: The Yacht Collection * Large Tote Orange) A musthave, available at

Equestrian Lifestyle

(Above: Prix de Dressage Collection * Harmony Crossbody)

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