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Finding yourself a second-hand steal in a thrift store could make your day. But shopping for vintage home decoration with a famous designer name on it, isn’t that easy. We’ve browsed the internet looking for the perfect luxury equestrian clock. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog This vintage Hermès Stirrup desk clock (and barometer) is a little bit above the budget. (12.500€) Let’s find some more affordable models.Equestrian Lifestyle Blog This very simple stirrup clock is also designed by the French fashion house Hermès and is for sale at 8750€. Are you more into silver or gold hardware?Equestrian Lifestyle BlogThis stirrup clock with a spur (under) is available at the online Home of Art and Antique shop in the UK and is priced for 695£Equestrian Lifestyle Blog A very rare leather and steel Jaeger-LeCoultre clock set within an equestrian stirrup. The clock is made of leather and encases a Jaeger mechanical movement. The leather dial is marked Jaeger-LeCoultre and has a wonderful equestrian configuration. Each of the hour markers are made from nails that would be put into the hoof of a horse. The hands are also the same type of equestrian nail. Although not marked, there is a very good possibility that this piece would have been retailed by Hermes. (under) Price 5.612€Equestrian Lifestyle Blog An unusual equestrian themed French made nineteenth century clocks created from elements of horse tack including: bits, rings, buckles, chains, stirrups and stylised horseshoes, in various polished metals. Manufactured by the renowned clock making firm of Japy Frères Circa 1895. Price 4.423€ (under)Equestrian Lifestyle If you want to go vintage and don’t want to rob the bank, here are some affordable equestrian clock option. This vintage Longchamp France leather stirrup clock was for sale on Ebay for only 129$, a bargain! (under)Equestrian Lifestyle Blog The last item (under) is a vintage stirrup clock, in the model recently brought back by Gucci and Hermes. Cognac-colored leather on the stirrup, base, and snap closure, and caramel calfskin around the clock below the clock. (650$)Equestrian Lifestyle

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  1. May 31, 2016 / 6:55 pm

    Ooo, I would say more silver than a gold when it comes to these clocks. However, the Japy Frères clock is amazing and has both metal colours – love the use of different elements of tack too.

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