Equestrian Scarf Ring Ideas

With New York Fashion Week  in full swing, it’s time to get some fashion inspiration for fall. I recently was spoiled with a little Hermès present, a golden bit scarf ring.black scarf orange box golden bitMany ways to wear this piece of beauty, but these are my favorite ways to style it!

You can easily wrap a scarf around your waist and tie it up with the scarf ring.Blue skirt yellow scarf golden bit Blue skirt yellow scarf golden bit We love some creative arm candy, so when you have a small scarf (the best way to style this is a Hermès twilly model), you can also use the bit as a bracelet.Human arm with blue scarf and golden bit braceletHuman arm blue scarf with golden bit bracelet green grassAnd off course you can also wear your scarf the traditional way. These two styles will make the bit a real eye-catcher.White shirt yellow scarf golden bit Jeans shirt dream necklace and golden bit with blue scarf

Equestrian Scarf Ring by Hermès

1st scarf (black) by Gucci //2nd scarf (yellow) by Gucci //3th scarf (baby blue) by Burberry // 4th scarf  (pink) by Burberry


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