Italian Style by Tattini

Always dreamed about wearing new riding boots every day? With the new mix and match removable straps by Italian equestrian brand Tattini, you can now change your look on a daily basis.Riding boots Black There is a variety of straps available, from really shiny and sparkly to the flag of your country. Endless possibilities to stand out from the crowd!Black riding boots with removable straps Easily removable!Black riding boots with removable strap The riding boots created by Tattini have also a special ventilation system “Air Boost System“, the first patented expressly to be applied to horse riding shoes. Made of high quality grained natural calfskin with an elasticized back that allows maximum grip on any calf just as a custom made boot, they are equipped with a rubber sole with a leather inner sole that makes them exceptionally comfortable, lightweight and flexible, so that to be worn all day long without feeling the least fatigue. The heel has a very effective anti-shock system, which reduces impact of the heel and fatigue of the foot.Horse and riding white breeches black boots

Time to change your look with Tattini!


CoverPhoto by MusonArt


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