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Equestrian artist Donna Bernstein was born in NY, in a small town north of Manhattan. Her natural inclination for horses appeared at a young age and with great sensitivity and intuition she would watch whatever horses she could find in her rural area, drawing and studying their form and anatomy with a youthful intensity.Lady who is painting a horseDonna B creates equine art that is contemporary and expressive. Her technique, as she describes it, is “driven by pure energy, physical expression and athleticism.” Because of this, Donna’s paintings and sculptures appeal not only to horse lovers but to those who are deeply affected by the experience of art. Time to get to know this talented lady!

Donna’s approach combines a passion for the anatomical horse with a love both of classic gestural drawing and the element of surprise. She would sketch from memory – rarely when she was with them. But her memory, her imagination, her energetic connection to horses became stylized in her art work.Colorful horse painting With a focused attention to correctness in the attitude of the horse, she paints in quick, concentrated actions, much as the horse moves, mixing mediums in freshly layered spontaneity. Through a final series of wildly contained drips and splashes each horse’s unique personality, conformation and place in the overall composition is revealed.
The true horsepower lies in its ability to inspire. Equine classic form in art traditionally evokes elements of warmth and quality. As her art continues to mature she blends these enticing and persistent complexities of power and vulnerability.Colorful horse paintingElegant and sophisticated, her paintings articulate a simplicity of what is beautiful, complementing the surroundings. Conveying intense energy and emotion, they are always in keeping with the client’s aesthetic, at home in both formal collections as well as the large-scale spaces of modern design.Living room with horse painting and white sofaArtist Donna B did not grow up around horses, nor was anyone she knew even slightly involved with them. Yet her connection to them was vivid and sustained, her natural artistic sensibilities harnessed to her passion to create the energy of the animal she so admired.Horse art paintingShe painstakingly spent hours and days studying horses, visually, mindfully, not drawing or painting while she was with them. Her ability to know and understand their movement, form and essential personality came from this. She has made a name for herself in a signature style that combines accurate horse anatomy infused with compelling equine individuals, who each evoke the universal dreams and ideas that the art of the timeless horse contains.Living room modern with horse paintingDonna Bernstein her equestrian art was never about bits and bridles and spurs, racetracks, accoutrements or people. Her art is more ancient than that, more primal and personal. “More of the dream of the horse, somewhere between earth and sky.” 

Universal feelings expressed in a physical body, the eloquent form of the timeless and essential equine.Donna B’s profession and passion is painting the classic form of the horse with bold unexpected colors in a signature style. But her dreams of the horses never had kept her painting! Making the leap from traditional to modern, she describes her work this way:

“It is not horses that I paint; I paint the way they make me feel.”

Compelled by this same sensibility and with a love of both art and fashion Donna has also designed uniquely elegant equine jewelry and custom luxe scarves. Her natural sense of design and feeling for the movement and majestic style of the horse inspired her to create wearable art and fine jewelry. The Donna B Brand expresses the equestrian contemporary lifestyle.Horse art in box

I encourage you to Wrap Yourself in the Horse of your Dreams!

Horse scarf white and brown

The Donna B Brand is made with the finest materials by artisan jewelers and stylists, created to last a lifetime. Heirloom pieces that enhance memories for years to come.

model with blonde hair and scarf

In her first Collection, “Equilibre“, it is all about balance.
Wear them well!
Love Your Horse – Live Your Horse Style!

Go and check out Donna’s website for more information



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