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Some of you may – or may not – know I have a soft spot for Iberian horses (Spanish & Portugese horses). Although I am not really into the typical Spanish/Portuguese dress code the riders use to wear. Don’t get me wrong, the riding style in the South of Europe is very pretty and has a long years tradition, but in my opinion you can only wear the typical traditional style when the Spanish/Portuguese rhythm is in your veins. Spanish horse and colorful dressAs a yearly tradition, I always attend the SICAB in Seville, an equestrian event where you can enjoy a mix of horsesport, breeding competitions, beautiful horses and the Spanish culture. There are also a lot of shops (see here) where you can buy the typical Spanish riding gear.  There is one thing that always catches my attention…the riding boots. I recently discovered the “Spanish Boot Company“, a British company who imported the most stunning boots with an Iberian touch. All boots presented by The Spanish Boot Company are authentically Spanish. They are imported from Valverde del Camino which is near Seville in southern Spain. An area renown for its quality leather craftmanship.Brown Leather riding bootsFounder of The Spanish Boot Company Emma, worked at a stable yard in Portugal where she bought herself a lovely pair of riding boots at a local shop. As she got so many compliments from her clients, she decided to go back home to the UK and started her own company where she provided the British market with good quality Spanish merchandise at affordable prices. Today, 10 years later her shop is the place to be for riding boots, ponchos and tweed products. A shop where customer service is a royal service!Brown leather boots with brown bag What I like the most about the riding boots is the way you can style them. They are perfect for an equestrian adventure but also perfect to wear with an outdoor chic look. I love to wear the boots in combination with typical British brands, like a Burberry scarf, a Barbour wax coat and a Dubarry bag. It gives your outfit that little extra equestrian effect.Brown BootsBut let’s rewind to my first sentence..I have soft spot for Iberian horses…And as you can see on the picture, those Iberian horses have a soft spot for The Spanish Boot CompanyWhite stallion with brown bootsSpanish boots available in different colors

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