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We all love polo. Becoming a good polo player is still on my bucket list. I went to a lot of polo events, so I am already halfway I guess 🙂 Polo has been cast with an image of tradition and formality. Imagine ladies wearing stylish designer dresses, big hats, gloves and expensive sunglasses. But I want to show the other side of polo, the equestrian side. Because polo is a game with a rich cultural history. Originating in Persia over 2,000 years ago, it is one oft he oldest team sports in recorded history.Horse and water I’ve teamed up the founder of the Polo & Lifestyle Magazine, Scarlett Stilling, who recently shot the most beautiful, magical polo pictures from the game to behind the scenes in Dubai and London.White horseYou can see the passion and love for horses and polo in all the photographs. Enjoy!Equestrian Lifestyle BlogPolo horses by evening sunbrown leather boots polohorse in stable with sunlight

All photos are available in print in different sizes.

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