Roeckl Riding gloves

Roeckl Sports, a family run company, based in Munich and globally active is the leading brand in the equestrian industry for quality riding gloves. With a company history spanning over 170 years, Roeckl stands for quality, perfection and innovation. Since the day I can remember, Roeckl gloves are part of my daily riding outfit. Over the years, I’ve collected all color matches, so I was pleased when Roeckl asked me to write my honest opinion about their riding gloves.Blue riding gloves in green jacketI don’t only use my riding gloves while riding but also while grooming the horses, especially during colder days in winter time. The contact with dust and dirt doesn’t affects the quality and condition of the gloves at all.White Horse Red Gloves Another big advantage is the touchscreen compatibility of the gloves. You can easily take a beautiful picture with your phone when you are on an outdoor walk with your horse.Brown Riding Gloves The fashion aspect. The Roeckl riding gloves come in lots of different colors, so your gloves always matches your outfit. Or the other way around 🙂 For the more special rides, during competition or if you want to add some glamour to your riding outfit, you can wear the ones with Swarovski crystals.Blue riding gloves I never ride without gloves, actually it’s come that far that I am hardly able to ride without gloves. I need the perfect grip and I also need protection for my hands and nails. Talking about grip. When you work with young horses and stallions, we all know they can make unexpected movements sometimes. When you walk them by hand or take them to the paddock, you will never have any blisters or wounds by wearing your Roeckl Grip Gloves.Riding Gloves Roeckl To me Roeckl gloves are tradition. The best riding gloves on the market. Lightweight and a pleasure to wear. Innovation and quality right down to your fingertips. I can highly recommend wearing Roeckl!

All opinions are my own and based on my experiences.


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      November 5, 2016 / 10:53 am

      Thank you! We are a major fan of them 🙂 Wish you a lovely day x

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