The cookie experiment


To start our “24 days to Christmas” blog series, we are going to bake some cookies. 🙂 A couple of months ago I saw these really great looking equestrian cookies on Instagram and of course I wanted to try to make them at home!yellow cookie horse printSo I started googling “horse embossed engraved roll“. A huge succes because I immediately found a website with lots of different equestrian patterns. But first things first; what do you need? I’m not a professional chef, I just read the ingredients which are mentioned on the package, so don’t worry :). You need 1 fresh egg, some creamy butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and some baking soda. Mix it all together and it looks like this.egg butter So far everything is going great! Create a giant ball and keep it in the fridge for 10 minutes.Cookie pink plate horse patternNow we can start with the fun part! Use your roll to create the pattern you’d like. Dip your cookie cutters in flour with each cut. Work from the center of the rolled-out dough to the edges, cutting shapes close to one another to prevent extra scraps and extra rerolling.flour cookieHorse pattern cookie baking sodaPut your cookies into the oven for about 15 minutes. I was hoping for some magic after taking the cookies out of the oven…BUT almost every horse pattern was gone. A big failure..If you could help us baking great cookies with horse patterns on it, let us know!cookie horse pattern



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