Visiting The Royal Stables

A day at the Royal Stables of The Hague (The Netherlands)

Let me take you on a unique visit at the Royal Stables of The Hague in the Netherlands. The Royal Stables were built in 1876-1879 and can host 95 horses and 38 employees. The whole venue is in perfect condition because horses still are trained on a daily basis. While entering the Royal Stables, you’ll see a giant horse walker (right) and the outdoor riding arena. The stables are divided into different parts, each of them is named after the purpose of the horses. Here you can see the entrance of the “Koetsstal” which means the stables of the carriage horses.White sand sun blue sky

Horses are an essential part of the monarchy and are still present on lots of ceremonial events. Today there are 32 active horses, 8 of them are ridden under the saddle and 24 horses are carriage horses. Most of them are black Friesian and Gelderland horses. Whenever a new horse joins the Royal Stables, he needs to stand a selection process, which consists of several criteria, including a 3-week period of probation.Horse stable brown The construction and interior of the Royal Stables is based on the stables of The Spanish Riding school in Vienna. Every horse has his name and pedigree written on his box and as you see “Pedro” was born in 2004. He was also a bit sleepy :). Black horse friesianLet’s move on to the next part of the stable “rijstal“. In this part the horses are located who have been ridden under the saddle.

Everything is peaceful and quiet here, all of the horses are stallions or gelding, no mares allowed. Stable horse friesian

The tackroom is also divided into separate parts, everything is very organized and every horse has its own saddle or bridle.

Tack room horse

The indoor arena reminds me a lot of Vienna, not that luxurious but still pretty fancy with the high ceiling, the mirrors and all the details. White arena

If you have ever wondered where the ” x ” is located? Well here she is, hanging on the roof in the middle of the arena.Wood roof indoor arena

The outdoor surroundings are as pretty as the inside, the big square in the middle has a water fountain and gives you a great view of the stables. Binnenplein the hague

Royal palace

Behind the stables locates the Royal Park, which is open for public. You’ll have a great view of the outdoor riding arena and when you are lucky you’ll see the horses getting trained in the park so they will get used to the public. blue sky

Palace Noordeinde and the Royal Stables are only open for public visit from 1 until 4th of August 2017.

Ticket are available here.

Palace royal

In an upcoming blogpost, we’ll give you a close look of the Carriage museum.

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In August, we’ll do a daily vlog series of a special equestrian trip to Portugal in collaboration with Trailfinders.



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