Equestrian Eyecatcher #15

Horse Body Painting

Almost two years ago, we wrote our first article about horse body painting. It seems that this way of art is becoming more and more popular as we saw some beautiful body painted Friesian horses during the opening show of Chio Aachen. This year’s guestland was Holland, so the horses were painted in Van Gogh pictures.

Black Horse Van Gogh Painting

Black Horse Van Gogh painting

Black Horse Van Gogh Painting

But also body painter Nicole Heyduk went all the way when she created “the steam horse”. Pretty cool !

What do you think?

Horse Black

Black horse

Photo: Sandra Reitenbach Fotografie




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  1. These are epic. I am going to share this blog post on my Saddle Seeks Horse Facebook page. I have never seen anything like that here in the US. There’s a big trend now to clip your horse with a pattern. That’s about the closest thing to this horse art.

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