Well actually I didn’t compete myself, but it felt like I was because I attended the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup Festival in Euston Park and had the opportunity to follow all the behind the scenes action. As I haven’t been familiar with this part of equestrian sport I really didn’t know what to expect. My perception that endurance is a race whereby the first horse who obtains the finish line wins, wasn’t strongly correct. There is a lot more strategic input required in the daily training, because wining or losing depends on the welfare of the horse.horse racing longinesThe Euston Park Endurance Cup Festival is the third and final leg of the Endurance Masters. There are 700 competitors from all around the world and it really feels like a World Championships or a World Cup, it is the United Nations of Endurance Riding. It is the biggest ride ever staged in Europe, the prize money going towards the best conditioned horse with a record prize money in Europe (2 million pounds) and also it is an incentive for the riders to travel to Europe to compete in His Highness’s Cup.horse castle The Euston Park Endurance organization team decided to make it free entry fee for all to encourage as many people here, to enjoy the facilities here. You’ve got to remember that the continental riders have got to come across the channel, so it’s expensive before they even start, so they’ve helped them with their travel costs as well. It is very worthwhile doing all this for the competitors because this is a vision, to make Endurance available to all, and that is what they’re trying to do today.

Event Director, Nick Brooks-Ward tell us a bit more about the event:

Nick B-W: For starting the ride riders get 1500 euros. If the riders complete the ride they get a further 1000 euros, and that excludes the prize money. So if they win the prize money too, it’s happy days.

EquestrianLifestyle: Please could you mention the party that took place on Friday night.

Nick B-W: We tried to make this available to all and everybody to have a good time, so last night we threw a party that we thought maybe 750-1000 people would come and we had 1250 and everybody had a fabulous time. They are all talking about it this morning which has put everyone in a great mood, we laid on some fabulous entertainment for them – it was a great party atmosphere with great bands. 

EquestrianLifestyle: What makes the UK endurance masters the most significant endurance event in the UK?

Nick B-W: The UK Endurance Masters is the biggest endurance event ever staged in Europe. What makes it different is the sheer volume of people we’ve had to cope with here, the sheer volume of horses and 35 different nations all speaking different languages. That is what has made it different, it’s very exciting.

EquestrianLifestyle: Please talk us through the course?

Nick B-W: Our riders are going off on a series of loops, the pink loop being the longest of 40km and the red loop being the shortest at 20km. They complete a series of loops to make up their mileage, their KM rate. If they are doing 160km, they are doing 5 loops. The 120km ride they are doing 4 loops (all different) and on the 80km they are doing 3 loops of different routes. They go off and ride on varying terrain, through water and parklands. It’s a fabulous course.

horse water

EquestrianLifestyle: Please could you explain what it means to have the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s support?

Nick B-W: HH Sheikh Mohammed is undoubtedly the biggest supporter of endurance in the world, quite possibly horse racing as well, in fact I am sure horse racing as well. It means such a huge amount to all of the riders to come here and enjoy the fabulous facilities, to have an incentive to join us here and his vision is to make a world endurance family and I do believe that us, Tiderra and Pizza, his three legs of his Endurance Cup Festival are helping that and everybody is coming to have a good time and enjoy riding across different courses, and that’s the vision.horse racing

EquestrianLifestyle: How do you ensure the safety of the horses and their welfare?

Nick B-W: Horse welfare is the most important factor, and rider welfare, let’s not forget that. We have 27 vets all representing different nations, all different skills, all different abilities – so we are covering everything. We have got one of the top equine bone surgeons in the world. We also have 4 equine ambulances that are staged around the course, we have a treatment centre, we have Newmarket equine hospital ready and waiting should anything happen and we need to get a horse into treatment. Humans, they are equally as important. We have approximately 46 medics on course, all in strategic locations, all in 4×4’s so they can get to all necessary places. We can track the horses and riders, we can get to them.

After every loop the horses need to pass the vet check to see if their heartbeat is under 64 beats a minute.horseHorse

I had the opportunity to follow British endurance rider Anna Williams. She competed in the 120 km race and it was wonderful to see how her whole team was so dedicated to support her and her horse! Lots of water to cool down the horse is a must during the race.horse

We followed Anna by car and during her first stop I noticed how quick and well organized the team took action.

horse racing field HorseHorse racing

Why do you love endurance? 

Anna: The time you spend with horse. You are together for a whole day in the beautiful nature. Besides that endurance is real teamwork, my family is involved and that’s makes it really wonderful to do! Horse Racing

Well done team Anna ! #118


I had a great weekend at the Euston Park Endurance !

Horse racing


The Spanish Boot Company 

Style Advocate 

Really honored and happy to be a brand ambassador of The Spanish Boot Company! This UK based company, runned by the lovely Emma, imports wonderful leather boots with a Spanish twist. Perfect to style your outfit and go for an equestrian look. The boots are a perfect match with my lifestyle and what’s even better you can pimp them with some colorful tassels. In the next months you can find new products, reviews and outfits post on this blog and our social media channels.

equestrian lifestyle

Equestrian Lifestyle

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From 21 to 27 of August 2017, Gothenburg is proud to be hosting the Longines FEI European Championships Gothenburg 2017. There are four disciplines represented; Jumping, Dressage, Driving and Para-Eqestrian Dressage.

During seven exciting and eventful days, the Championships will transform the entire city into an arena packed with competitions and events at the Ullevi Stadium, Heden Arena and
Slottsskogen City Park.

The FEI European Championships are held every two years. Over 300 of Europe’s top riders and drivers will meet in Gothenburg to compete for the medals.
Competitors from around 30 countries, 590 horses and 1000 volunteers will be involved in the event.

H&m horses

What’s even more exciting?

Swedish multinational clothing-retail company H&M will be main partner for the event.

H&M will dress all volunteers and will also present the Official Merchandise Collection “We love horses”. The collection for women, men and children will be available in a H&M pop up store at Heden Arena and in selected H&M stores in Gothenburg during the Championships.

h&m we love horses

h&m we love horses

h&m we love horses

Check out the collection here


A day at the Royal Stables of The Hague (The Netherlands)

Let me take you on a unique visit at the Royal Stables of The Hague in the Netherlands. The Royal Stables were built in 1876-1879 and can host 95 horses and 38 employees. The whole venue is in perfect condition because horses still are trained on a daily basis. While entering the Royal Stables, you’ll see a giant horse walker (right) and the outdoor riding arena. The stables are divided into different parts, each of them is named after the purpose of the horses. Here you can see the entrance of the “Koetsstal” which means the stables of the carriage horses.White sand sun blue sky

Horses are an essential part of the monarchy and are still present on lots of ceremonial events. Today there are 32 active horses, 8 of them are ridden under the saddle and 24 horses are carriage horses. Most of them are black Friesian and Gelderland horses. Whenever a new horse joins the Royal Stables, he needs to stand a selection process, which consists of several criteria, including a 3-week period of probation.Horse stable brown The construction and interior of the Royal Stables is based on the stables of The Spanish Riding school in Vienna. Every horse has his name and pedigree written on his box and as you see “Pedro” was born in 2004. He was also a bit sleepy :). Black horse friesianLet’s move on to the next part of the stable “rijstal“. In this part the horses are located who have been ridden under the saddle.

Everything is peaceful and quiet here, all of the horses are stallions or gelding, no mares allowed. Stable horse friesian

The tackroom is also divided into separate parts, everything is very organized and every horse has its own saddle or bridle.

Tack room horse

The indoor arena reminds me a lot of Vienna, not that luxurious but still pretty fancy with the high ceiling, the mirrors and all the details. White arena

If you have ever wondered where the ” x ” is located? Well here she is, hanging on the roof in the middle of the arena.Wood roof indoor arena

The outdoor surroundings are as pretty as the inside, the big square in the middle has a water fountain and gives you a great view of the stables. Binnenplein the hague

Royal palace

Behind the stables locates the Royal Park, which is open for public. You’ll have a great view of the outdoor riding arena and when you are lucky you’ll see the horses getting trained in the park so they will get used to the public. blue sky

Palace Noordeinde and the Royal Stables are only open for public visit from 1 until 4th of August 2017.

Ticket are available here.

Palace royal

In an upcoming blogpost, we’ll give you a close look of the Carriage museum.

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In August, we’ll do a daily vlog series of a special equestrian trip to Portugal in collaboration with Trailfinders.



Pretty happy to be part of the press team during the Chio Aachen this year. As a yearly tradition, I will show you our favorite fashion picks of the event. The weather couldn’t be nicer, 28° degrees and as always the crowd was extremely enthusiastic. But while I am writing this blogpost, I am sitting in the press room, say hello to the airco : ).Chio Aachen

There were plenty of trade stands around the venue, 200 in total, where you can find the latest trends in the equestrian industry. Despite the heat wave, we’ve found some really lovely fall/winter clothes. This jacket by Sonnereiter (left) will definitely give you that effortless chic look in and outside the barn. The sweater and the blouse with the sparkly bow (right) are by Princess & Queens and reminds me a bit of the whole Gucci-bow-trend. Jacket Equestrian Gucci

Belt envy all the way with these leather croco and pony hair belts (left – 180€). If you are more on a budget, you’ll find beautiful leather belts with Swarovski elements. (right – 25€)Equestrian colorful belts swarovski

A golden oldie, but still one of my favorite riding boots, are the polo boots by Tucci (left). Even if you are looking for equestrian interior design, Chio Aachen is right up your alley. Check out this stylish wine rack, which looks very expensive, but  is actually very affordable (< 150€). And don’t we all want the pink and silver chair in the back?Brown leather boots pink chair

For all those equestrians out there who love to travel; this one is for you! What about this amazing hand luggage wrapped in polo horses? The ultimate eye-catcher at the airport 🙂 Polo horse luggage

As always the Hermès scarfs at their trade stand were waving around the big Rolex timepiece at the entrance. Who will win the Grand Prix of Chio Aachen this year? Keep an eye on our Instagram page and follow the action live next Sunday.Hermes Scarf Rolex watch

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