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From 6th till 9th of July 2017 all eyes and cameras were focused on Knokke (Belgium), as knokke Hippique was bringing the glamour of the equestrian world to the most exclusive coastal town of the Benelux.Green grass horseThe horse festival in Knokke starts with Knokke Hippique, a competition at the highest achievable five-star level which brings the world’s top riders to Belgium. After these four days, there are 2 more weekends filled with competition under the name of the Summer Circuit.Green grass blue sky No less than fifteen riders from the top 30 of the world come to Knokke. The status of Knokke Hippique, the unique framework and experience around the sport, the prize money (1.350.000€) and the presence of Rolex and BMW. These are all the ingredients that imply that the world’s best choose for Knokke.Horse jump But, Knokke Hippique is not only about what happens in the ring and at the show ground. It is about the experience, so the guests can enjoy their summer, with friends and family. That’s why the days during the Summer Circuit are a bit shorter, so that you can get time to appreciate everything beautiful and exclusive Knokke has to offer; from the beach, to the dining, to the shopping – the choice is yours.

“This is not an event, this is an experience”

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The infrastructure has been improved for the 2017-edition of Knokke Hippique with a more compact and easy-navigating Lifestyle Village. With 60 exhibitors opening their doors with equestrian apparel, jewellery and fashion their will be no lack of choice. A brand-new Food Court with food trucks is also being introduced at Knokke Hippique, next to the lake – where riders, grooms and visitors can enjoy and share a wide selection of flavours from all over the world.

fashion shopping horseLast, but not least comes of course the unforgettable entertainment that is one of the signatures of the event. A remarkable show up in the sky! Knokke Hippique is and remains a place where everyone feels welcome and at home. 

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Check out Knokke Hippique, a top class equestrian event that breaths a luxurious equestrian lifestyle. Congrats to the Stephex team for organizing this masterpiece near the beach!sand blue hat


A match made in heaven. Let your inner creative out and design your perfect pair of slippers for summer. High-quality materials like velvet, linen, tweed and leather in combination with bright colors and equestrian touches…no doubt, we are a fan! We ‘ve designed some beautiful slippers with the online tool by Stubbs & Wootton. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog

Founded in 1993 by Percy Steinhart, the luxury slipper brand has made it to posh parties to enhance formal wear, to popular resorts and is worn by lots of celebrities. Recently, they launched a Polo trunk collection. The limited edition slippers were sold out in no time, which inspired us to design our own colorful slipper. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog By using the tool on the Stubbs & Wootton website, you can choose your fabric, color and favorite logo to create your dream slipper.Equestrian Lifestyle Blog As you might imagine their shoes are not cheap, but they are handmade and the quality is outstanding. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog We went for our favorite colors: blue, pink and beige. Off course you can pick any color you like.Equestrian Lifestyle Blog There are several equestrian logos: stirrups, a polo horse, a polo logo, a jumping horse,… but you can also add any initials or words you would like. Beache please…Equestrian Lifestyle Blog The slippers are available at Stubbs & Wootton. (price +- 450$)Equestrian Lifestyle Blog

We love sourcing unique pieces to “decorate ” our horses. Forget about the bling bling swarovski equipment and varnish leather for your furry friends, polo style is the new it-thing.

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Creative soul, horse lover and polo player Alina Carta (founder of Masai of Palm Beach) is involved with polo for over 35 years and this experience inspired her to develop a unique as well as a sturdy interpretation of the bridle brow band. As saddle pads and bandages serve to distinguish polo teams around the world, the customized brow band decoratively distinguishes the individual owner.

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All the products are handmade in Africa by the Masai Tribe and the designs are inspired by the Masai’s customary tribal attire and decor. Their bead work has had a long history among the Masai women, passed on through generation to generation. The beads are bold in color and typically set in high contrast patterns which are spiritually meaningful for the Masai.

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Did you know all colors have a meaning? Blue represents the sky and white stands for purity. These colors are matching perfectly with my stallion.

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The leather is really soft, the shape of the  browband fits perfectly and is completely “sweat-proof“. Every detail represents craftsmanship.

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There are more than 20 bead colors available so you can customize your own browband or accessory.

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If you are one of those people who wants to have matching accessories, than you are at the right place at Masai of Palm Beach. They even have colorful belts, bracelets, keychains, sandals and dog collars in the same material.

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These bracelets are not only matching you horse’s brow bands, but are also the perfect accessory at a festival, cool and playful.

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Thanks to Alina for the lovely gifts!

Check out Masai of Palm Beach

One of the big advantages and fun aspects of writing a blog is that you meet people from all over the world with the same interests. One of these stylish people is Danish/Brazilian girl Diana who runs the blog Polo People Places and who is our guest blogger for this article. You can’t be everywhere, …right? So let’s enjoy her journey at the Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup in Denmark.Equestrian Lifestyle Polo

Denmark’s most beautiful beach, situated in the town of Hornbæk on the North Sealand coast played host to the first edition of The Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup. Hornbæk is Denmark’s equivilant to The Hamptons and is home to the most expensive holiday homes in Scandinavia and has been a summer retreat of the jetset for generations. 8 two-man teams entered the 3 day tournament with handicaps from 0 – 6 goals. The tournament had been preceded by a parade through the town to increase popularity with the locals who supported the players and the event throughout. The event featured an exclusive VIP area for 300 people who were treated to a lunch of Veuve Clicquot champagne and Rossini Caviar and food from Ilse Jacobsen’s ‘Kurbadet’ in an impressive marquee with cabanas facing the pitch.

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Players from countries ranging from Argentina to Czech Republic took part and also included La Martina’s Brand Ambassador – George Pearson. The first day saw action from the start with skilled polo to impress the spectators who followed the games with cheers and claps. Impressive plays by players such as Federico Boudou, Royston Prisk and Stevie McGraith made them a favourite with the crowds from the start and throughout the tournament.

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Equestrian Lifestyle Polo Over 8,000 spectators enjoyed the three days of polo action on one of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches and were treated to not only up close polo action but also on-pitch activity such as the Rossini Caviar Dash which was open to all spectators and proved a great success. Spectators were asked to participate in a race to win a 250g tub of caviar worth over £500.

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Professional UK based player Royston Prisk commented ‘this is the most beautiful and well organised beach polo tournament I have ever played in, I loved every minute of it’.

Equestrian Lifestyle Tina Lund Thanks to Diana & Polo People Places



As every year in June, Knokke Beach is the location of the prestigious Scapa Beach Polo Event.


One of the world’s most unique polo tournamenst on sand had his 13th edition this summer.



Three days of fashion shows, horses, luxurieus goodies, a kids model contest and too much champagne in a unique setting on the beach.



The horses and riders are getting ready for the battle


An overview of the teams and players