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When it comes to picking out new leather tack for the horse, I am a pretty loyal customer to traditional brands. For over 15 years I am only using Kieffer dressage snaffles and a Passier double bridle. It’s classy, it’s sober, it fits perfectly and the leather is premium quality. So why should I change? (Photo Kieffer Olivia Snaffle)

White Stallion Kieffer Bridle

Two reasons

  1. A horse blog

As a blogger in the equestrian industry, you need to be up to date about the latest trends and new product launches. As Instagram is our main source of inspiration and at the same time our biggest business network as an influencer, you’ll find out immediately which brands and accounts are popping out.

  1. Innovation

Lots of horsemen are self-righteous. They claim to know the answer to every question and don’t tolerate others opinion. We all know someone like this, right?

There are many start-ups who develop new equine training tools and come up with refreshing ideas about the welfare of the horse. Conferences organised by for example “the international society for equitation science” are always having an innovative outcome when it comes to equine welfare.

So when a brand comes up with an innovative anatomical bridle, we would love to give this a try.

PS of Sweden review Horse

PS of Sweden

 The company was founded in 2011 and has worked its way up to become an established brand. Today PS of Sweden is the world leader in the design and production of anatomical bridles. They offer a wide range of unique products for riders and horses that are sold worldwide.

A bespoke service

All horses are shaped differently. Whether your horse has a wide or narrow head, requires longer or shorter cheek pieces, a longer or shorter neck piece, at PS of Sweden they can offer you a unique custom fitted bridle with just a few simple measurements. Every product goes through a development phase of about 10 months on average. All the bridles are anatomical designed in English or Italian eco-friendly leather.

My experience

For over 8 months I am using the PS of Sweden bridle on my horse. I went for the “Flying Change” model in classic black. A very popular bridle and one of the most sold ones. It looks very chique without being over the top. As I am using the bridle on a stallion, I was looking for a model with a masculine look so I chose the patent black on the noseband and browband.

PS of Sweden Review Equestrian Lifestyle

The noseband has a slim design to allow for freedom around the cheek bones and the nerve endings. The noseband strap has a padded plate under the chin and is fastened with a pullback. Since using the PS of Sweden bridle, my horse is foaming more and more equally on both sides.

The shape of the patent pending neck piece reduces the pressure behind the sensitive ears and top of the neck of the horse. The extra padding offers more space for the ears to move naturally. And let’s say his ears move a lot :).

The cheek pieces are flat with patent pending cradles™, which allow the bit to suspend in the horse’s mouth. This helps to further relieve the pressure on the poll.

The browband has a unique patent pending “Click-it™” design, which allows you to swap it in a few seconds, even when the horse is already wearing the bridle. PS of Sweden also offers a wide range of gorgeous browbands with colored crystals. The click-it design makes it very easy to switch your browband and match it with your outfit.

What I find very useful is the removable throatlatch. It is not always allowed on competition but in my opinion it looks very elegant on the horse.

PS of Sweden review white horse green grass

A winner

We highly recommend the PS of Sweden anatomical bridle. Let yourself be immersed by the collection and have a look on the website. Give your horse the best!




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