The summer holidays are over, time to get back on the blogging mode. Traditionally, the first Tuesday after the last Sunday of August is blocked in my agenda. Since 1849 Belgium’s Waregem Koerse is the place to be when you like horse racing, fancy hats and good champagne.Horses racing green grass people It is 11 years since my first time at Waregem Koerse and I’ve always kept my first parking card as a souvenir.Green grass parking Waregem KoerseThings have changed a lot in the past years, but one thing is still the same: an enthousiastic crowd and a great atmosphere. This year, a brand new futuristic VIP-building by Naessens Group was the eyecatcher of the event. The 45.000 visitors could enjoy a sparkly glass of champagne while admiring the view. Crowd Sun Building Actually, I was never a big fan of horse races, but I must admit, the managent around the races is very horse friendly and those 3 laps of racing the track and jumping the fences is very exciting!Horse racingHorse racing

Here’s a video impression of a great sunny day at the races.

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One of the big advantages and fun aspects of writing a blog is that you meet people from all over the world with the same interests. One of these stylish people is Danish/Brazilian girl Diana who runs the blog Polo People Places and who is our guest blogger for this article. You can’t be everywhere, …right? So let’s enjoy her journey at the Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup in Denmark.Equestrian Lifestyle Polo

Denmark’s most beautiful beach, situated in the town of Hornbæk on the North Sealand coast played host to the first edition of The Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup. Hornbæk is Denmark’s equivilant to The Hamptons and is home to the most expensive holiday homes in Scandinavia and has been a summer retreat of the jetset for generations. 8 two-man teams entered the 3 day tournament with handicaps from 0 – 6 goals. The tournament had been preceded by a parade through the town to increase popularity with the locals who supported the players and the event throughout. The event featured an exclusive VIP area for 300 people who were treated to a lunch of Veuve Clicquot champagne and Rossini Caviar and food from Ilse Jacobsen’s ‘Kurbadet’ in an impressive marquee with cabanas facing the pitch.

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Players from countries ranging from Argentina to Czech Republic took part and also included La Martina’s Brand Ambassador – George Pearson. The first day saw action from the start with skilled polo to impress the spectators who followed the games with cheers and claps. Impressive plays by players such as Federico Boudou, Royston Prisk and Stevie McGraith made them a favourite with the crowds from the start and throughout the tournament.

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Equestrian Lifestyle Polo Over 8,000 spectators enjoyed the three days of polo action on one of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches and were treated to not only up close polo action but also on-pitch activity such as the Rossini Caviar Dash which was open to all spectators and proved a great success. Spectators were asked to participate in a race to win a 250g tub of caviar worth over £500.

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Professional UK based player Royston Prisk commented ‘this is the most beautiful and well organised beach polo tournament I have ever played in, I loved every minute of it’.

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Time to drink champagne and dance on the table