Christmas gift guide for horsey kids

Do you know a mini horse lover or a budding fashionista? These go-to gifts are just the thing to make their holiday. A little inspiration to treat the little ones on your list to presents they’ll use again and again.

We all know the annual drill: the kids write a wish list of the presents they just HAS to receive this holiday season. You want to choose something more unique or creative. This gift guide will fit those requirements.

  1. A board game: educational and fun

Monopoly “the horse lovers edition” is a customized game board featuring unique and adorable images of horses. Collectible tokens including a horse trailer, a saddle, riding boots, a horseshoe, a bale of hay and of course a horse. Let your kids enjoy the thrill of deal making, risk taking and owning it all in the equestrian world. (purchase here)board game horse

      2. A good night sleep

When you love horses, you love them at heart. Long afternoons at the stables, posters covering your walls. You read and talk about horses, maybe you even own one. But we bet you wild horses couldn’t drag you away from this bed. Your kids would love to go to sleep in a room like this. Create a little horsey heaven for them with this duvet cover. (purchase here)

horse duvet cover

     3. A helping hand

Are your kids always hungry and craving for pasta? This kitchen tool is perfect for hungry pasta lovers. Whether they want a child size portion or they are so famished they could eat a horse, this pasta measurer will tell you how much you should be eating. (available here)horse pasta measurer

    4. Fill up a Christmas stocking

Planning to go on holiday with your kids? Gift them a cute luggage tag to label their bags. You can find these tags at Ikea in the travel department. Available in green, blue, pink and red.

Horse Häst ikea

         5. Dress up

High quality kidswear brand, Monnalisa fuses innovation with sustainability, producing socially responsible garments in pretty patterns and fun cartoon prints. Maybe your kids won’t ask for these beautiful Christmassy dresses but they look absolutely gorgeous!horse dress

         6. Teach them young

Teach them young to always use a stylish bag. This boiled wool pink shopper with a horse rider print and a velvet bow is to die for. Wish they were available when we were younger! (purchase here)       horse velvet