London Olympia Horse Show

The festive season wouldn’t be complete – for those in the equestrian world, at least – without a trip to London. As a yearly tradition, two weeks before Christmas, the London Olympia Arena is hosting the Olympia Horse Show.

London Olympia

Olympia is the only UK Show to host all three FEI World CupTM Qualifiers in Dressage, Show Jumping and Driving. Each performance includes an equestrian competition along with a variety of displays from around the World.

This long-standing event (45th edition) combines equine know-how, stunning choreography, skillful riding and for the ultimate cuteness, events such as the Shetland pony Grand National.

Here’s a sneak peak of the empty riding arena just before showtime.

London Olympia

For dog lovers

It isn’t all about horses. Even dog lovers shouldn’t miss the event, because on Thursday the Kennel Club Dog Agility competition took place. A exciting competition, which includes an obstacle course where the dogs take part in a fast and furious race, in a test of their own agility and their owner’s ability to control them.London Olympia

London Olympia


Before you start your shopping trip, you can have a delicious lunch at the festive “West End Restaurant”.

London Olympia

With a Shopping Village containing over 250 shops, there is no better place to purchase some Christmas treats for yourself or others. Selling a range of goods from all things equestrian, to fashion, jewellery, wines, gifts, novelty items, and fine art, the village will have something for everyone. There are a few well-known brands at Olympia along with several ‘not on the high street’ shops, offering you some great Christmas present ideas and much more.

London Olympia

Are you ready for our favorite fashion picks?

British company Hayfield surprised us with their handmade fedora hats and feather brooches which complement any town or countryside lifestyle. London Equestrian Feather

Equiclass, known for their handmade riding boots and accessories. As always, the Italian company had some beautiful boots on display, like these black suede boots with a sparkly horse. A fully bespoke service.

London Olympia

All things preppy at Sportinghares. We are a big fan of the Beauchamp blazer and the Windermere suede gilet.

London Equestrian

Two typical British brands that caught my eye are Luxury Tweed (left) and Grays Country Gifts (right). Each piece of the tweed clothing collection is hand cut and made using the finest tweeds and wool from some of the oldest mills in Scotland and England. A real indulgence for every countryside lover! Luxury equestrian inspired cushions, homeware and leather goods are a must in your home if you are a countryside lover. You can find it all at Grays.

London Equestrian

Limited edition

Are looking for a limited edition gift? Vero equestrian manufactures & retails hand crafted, limited edition bridles from the finest hand made English Sedgwick leather with Italian printed calf skin inserts. They only manufacture upto 20 bridles in each pattern making them both limited edition & being hand made individually unique. No two bridles are ever the same. When they are all gone, they are never reproduced.London Horse Leather

We love the Olympia Horse Show. To be in London at Christmas time is great fun and the atmosphere is fantastic. When you plan your Christmas shopping in London next year, make sure you visit the event!






Whether it’s a Christmas gift or for post Christmas thank-you’s, these gorgeous new cards from Equetech say it with style!tweed white cardFeaturing four different equestrian designs, the pack of eight cards celebrate country tweeds and capture the equestrian spirit with four different equestrian silhouettes in four distinctive tweed colour ways. Blank inside and made in the UK, these gorgeous cards bring a stylish equestrian twist to greeting cards this season!tweed horse on white card

Which one is your favorite?tweed horse on white card


In the past, the luxury fashion house Balenciaga never caught my attention (sorry guys). Although I really like their style and latest designs, the brand just never came under my radar. Until today. As from today I have a Balenciaga crush on their jewelry collection. I recently went to Barcelona – Balenciaga was founded by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga – and had the chance to discover some pieces of their collection. Zilver bracelet What do you think?

   “Christmas tree material

What’s on your Christmas bucket list?black leather bracelet with gold

#Equestrian BlogMas 2017


To start our “24 days to Christmas” blog series, we are going to bake some cookies. 🙂 A couple of months ago I saw these really great looking equestrian cookies on Instagram and of course I wanted to try to make them at home!yellow cookie horse printSo I started googling “horse embossed engraved roll“. A huge succes because I immediately found a website with lots of different equestrian patterns. But first things first; what do you need? I’m not a professional chef, I just read the ingredients which are mentioned on the package, so don’t worry :). You need 1 fresh egg, some creamy butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and some baking soda. Mix it all together and it looks like this.egg butter So far everything is going great! Create a giant ball and keep it in the fridge for 10 minutes.Cookie pink plate horse patternNow we can start with the fun part! Use your roll to create the pattern you’d like. Dip your cookie cutters in flour with each cut. Work from the center of the rolled-out dough to the edges, cutting shapes close to one another to prevent extra scraps and extra rerolling.flour cookieHorse pattern cookie baking sodaPut your cookies into the oven for about 15 minutes. I was hoping for some magic after taking the cookies out of the oven…BUT almost every horse pattern was gone. A big failure..If you could help us baking great cookies with horse patterns on it, let us know!cookie horse pattern



When Charlotte Dujardin with her horse Valegro enter the dressage arena, all eyes are on them because everyone wants a glimp of the Olympic dream team. In collaboration with one of New Zealand’s most respected goldsmiths, Ray Burmeister, Charlotte Dujardin has created an equestrian jewellery collection. Lucky us, because now we can all sparkle while we are doing our tempi changes in pure lightness and harmony. Or we can just wear her pretty jewellery collection 🙂Pearls white pinsGoldsmith Ray Burmester has been handcrafting his elegant works of art for more than 30 years. Dedicated to creating treasured keepsakes, Ray has established a range of equestrian jewellery, complemented by contemporary designs, that is beyond compare. Horse head pendantCharlotte Dujardin and Valegro achieved an individual gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics in the Dressage Freestyle, making her the first British woman to retain an individual Olympic title, and briefly the most successful female British Olympian in the history of the Games.Horse and rider jewelry The perfect Christmas gift? Horseshoe bangle in silver

You can order yours at RBJEWELLER.COM