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(Above: Prix de Dressage Collection * Harmony Crossbody)

The famous stud farm in Alter Do Chao (Portugal) with the beautiful brown Alter Real stallions, held its traditional auction on 24th April.

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

The “Coudelaria de Alter” was created in 1748 by King Jaoa V and today the¬†location is an gigantic domain where the horses can grow up in the best conditions. Let me take you on a journey through one of the most exciting days at the studfarm, the annual auction.

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

Alter Do Chao, is a small place in the region of Portalegre, Alentejo. When you enter the village, horses are everywhere. Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

You can’t be lost here ūüôā

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

The day started with the approval of the stallions. Breeders came to present their Lusitano horses, hoping the judges will evaluate in a positive way. In the afternoon at 3 pm sharp the auction could go ahead and buyers from different countries in Europe and Brasil had the chance to buy this rare horses.

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

One of the best ambassadors of the breed “Rubi AR” and his owner Christine Jacoberger were honored and gave a dressage demo afterwards.

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real RUBI AR

The stables are beautiful, very clean and are painted in the typical yellow and white colors. Horses can look outside and enjoy some sunshine.

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

Near the stables is a little museum, where you can learn more about the history of the studfarm and look at some beautiful paintings.

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

Check out the details.

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

When you walk around the 600 hectare domain, you’ll notice every detail is branded AR.

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

There are several outdoor riding halls and even a cross country parcours. The indoor riding halls are spacious and light with details of the old dressage masters.

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

When you planning a visit to the studfarm, we can highly recommend the guest house “Casa de Campo” in the middle of the venue. Do you want to look outside your window and see the outdoor arena and the stables, well than that’s the place to stay!

Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real

 When you enter the guest house, you are immediately in the mood.Equestrian Lifestyle Alter Real Every little detail is also branded AR: the crockery, the blankets, the pillows, the towels. Just lovely to have a whole expierence.


Despite the rain in Portugal, we had a lovely stay. The mares and foals are saying goodbye.

equestrian lifestyle alter real

If you are looking for quality lusitano stallions, you can also stop by the studfarm of Monte Barrao, only 10 minutes away from the Alter Real studfarm.



A yearly tradition at the end of january took place in Salzburg, the Mozart week. This year in coorporation with the equestrian team of Bartabas. The horses of the Academy of Versailles have gone for a dance in Salzburg, Austria.

Equestrian Lifestyle Lusitano Bartabas Mozart

A dozen of mostly Cremello Lusitano horses came to the famous “Felsenreitschule” to perform on the sounds of Mozart. Marc Minkowski , the artistic director of the Mozart Week, whose passion for several years in addition to the music and his Musiciens du Louvre Grenoble also applies to horses . And of course, as a Frenchman he knows his compatriot, the performance artist Bartabas who successfully creates choreographies horses since 1985 and was about 20 years ago already a guest at the Vienna Festival.

Equestrian Lifestyle Bartabas Mozart Lusianto

Equestrian Lifestyle Bartabas Mozart Lusitano

The highlights of the evening were the female riders who showed their riding skills in different quadrilles  with an excellent quality of piaffe and passage excercises.

Equestrian Lifestyle Bartabas Mozart Lusiatno

A unique experience for those who love music and classical dressage.

Equestrian Lifestyle Lusitano Bartabas