When Charlotte Dujardin with her horse Valegro enter the dressage arena, all eyes are on them because everyone wants a glimp of the Olympic dream team. In collaboration with one of New Zealand’s most respected goldsmiths, Ray Burmeister, Charlotte Dujardin has created an equestrian jewellery collection. Lucky us, because now we can all sparkle while we are doing our tempi changes in pure lightness and harmony. Or we can just wear her pretty jewellery collection 🙂Pearls white pinsGoldsmith Ray Burmester has been handcrafting his elegant works of art for more than 30 years. Dedicated to creating treasured keepsakes, Ray has established a range of equestrian jewellery, complemented by contemporary designs, that is beyond compare. Horse head pendantCharlotte Dujardin and Valegro achieved an individual gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics in the Dressage Freestyle, making her the first British woman to retain an individual Olympic title, and briefly the most successful female British Olympian in the history of the Games.Horse and rider jewelry The perfect Christmas gift? Horseshoe bangle in silver

You can order yours at RBJEWELLER.COM

The World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, represents a long tradition. Equestrian competitions have been organized in the old “Kaiserstadt” for far more than one hundred years. The glorious show grounds in the Aachen Soers are world famous. The stadiums belong to the most impressive sport facilities in the world. So let me take you on a journey to CHIO Aachen, the place to be for equestrians worldwide. riding arena outdoor with horsesBy entering the venue, you’ll soaked up the warm welcome you’ll receive from the hospitality team and you can immediately enjoy the local equestrian art sculptures.Horse art sculpture As we’re here to spot the latest lifestyle trends in the equestrian scene, let’s have a look at the Shopping Village. The CHIO-village consists of 200 international exhibitors in over 250 tents. A real shopping walhalla if you have some spendy feelings coming up. Even the CHIO-merchandising is on point. You can get yourself some CHIO branded homeware, try on the CHIO clothing line or buy a little fluffy “Karli, the mascot” souvenir.fluffy teddybear and horse homewareAs you all know, my obsession for riding boots is taking over when I’m attending an equestrian event. I am always on the hunt for some extraordinary boots to expand my collection. When I bumped into the stand of Reitstiefel Kempkens, I saw the perfect wardrobe, filled with beautiful leather boots. leather riding boots in colors Hermès never disappoints, neither this time. Beautiful scarfs are waving like flags among the big Rolex watch. The always classy equestrian collection was presented in a really nice way. When I had lunch at the riders bar, it was decorated with some Hermès homeware. A saddle with stirrups was hanging on the roof. Innovative.colorful scarfs waving rolex watch horse bridlesaddle horse tackBesides all the equestrian brands who presented their tack gear, a little shop caught my eye. Some beautiful homeware, equestrian inspired, was presented in a rustic atmosphere.equestrian homeware tableThose Gucci/Ralph Lauren inspired interior pieces are available at a very reasonable price. You can find them at the noconcept.eu store. We love the stirrup lamp and desk clocks.homeware table horse Off course, CHIO Aachen is much more than strolling around the shopping village and spotting the latest trends. On Sunday morning the CDI*5 dressage competition took place. A dream for every dressage rider to perform in this wonderful arena with all those spectators.Dressage arena with spectatorsTopsport is what we are here for! The Rolex Grand Slam of Showjumping is back in Aachen. Who is going to leave the most famous showground in the world as the winner? It was my first time walking on the holy grass of the main stadium and I can guarantee you, it was pretty impressive. (Check out the Youtube video)grass arena showjumping fences aachenGreen grass showjumping fences aachenGerman rider Philipp Weishaupt and his horse LB Convall jumped into victory in the electrifying atmosphere of the stadium. A major triumph!green grass showjumping fences big stadium with peopleAlways a pleasure to attend the CHIO Aachen. For extra footage and the course walk, check out the Youtube video.

See you next year!

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As equestrians, we are always looking for perfection. Whether it is in our fashionable outfit, in grooming our horse or in going for the extra mile in competition. Every detail is important, every dressage step must be 100% under controle and every second in the jump off makes the difference between the first place or…no place.Stella Artois Equestrian Lifestyle

Perfectionism. Could this be the reason Belgium beer Stella Artois is partnering with Carlos “Polito ” Ulloa and the Argentine Open Polo Tournament in Buenos Aires at the end of this year? Off course, Stella Artois had created a series of the World’s most prestigious events and brings behind the scenes stories of all types of perfectionists.Stella Artois Equestrian Lifestyle

World class polo trainer Carlos Ulloa is one of the best and people describe him as the man with a vision to spot champions when no one else sees them.. Let this qoute be the theme of the advertisement, the polo pony whom viewers see him breaking-in is initially invisible. The final moment when the horse becomes rideable, he also becomes visible. (click to see)Stella Artois Youtube Equestrian Lifestyle

As born in the home town of Stella Artois, but also as a horse lover and passionate marketing person, I must say this is a great advertisement. The story behind the video reflects the vision and development of the Belgian beer brand. But let me ad one critical comment on this advertisement: creating a sponsorship with an equestrian event in a country were horse slaughter is core business…#stophorseslaughter

Stella Artois

Polo tournament Argentina

Stop Horse Slaughter

The world-famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna is celebrating their very special 450th anniversary on Friday 26th of June. Due to this historic event a unique anniversary gala of the Lipizzaner horses will be hosted live from the Heldenplatz in Vienna.

Follow the show live via Servus TV at 6.55 PM CET. (click)

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For this special event, the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre is also attending the gala and will do a duo show. (Photo credit by Gabriele Boiselle)

Equestrian Lifestyle

More info www.srs.at and www.realescuela.org


Egon Von Neindorff († 19/05/2004) was the master of classical horsemanship and owned his riding institute in Karlsruhe, Germany. What happened with the heritage after he passed away? imagesEZEUV1NHIn 2011, I spent some time at the riding institute to improve my riding skills and to learn more about the classical dressage principles. An extraordinary experience that made me call the effectivness of modern dressage training into question.

SAM_0093  Entering the gates of the riding school with my horse made me feel humble  but so excited at the same time. The institute is located in a former casern, which gives you immediatly the feeling of tradition, virtue and strictness.Eingangstor_600   The daily routine starts at 07:00 AM with feeding the horse, mucking out the stables and leveling the indoor arena with a rake. (!)

Hours of lunging lessons without stirrups were part of the training, but I also got the chance to train the high schooled horses to get to know the feeling of piaffe, passage, levade,..all educated with the classical principles in mind.

Reitinstitut_PaddocksThe stables are old but clean and the communication with the horses is a no-nonsens one, which made the best friends. You can discuss for hours the training methods and differences between modern dressage and the classical inspired training with the equestrian managers of the institute.


If you have the guts to apply for a training course or internship, you won’t regret it. Enjoy the beautiful indoor arena.


Contact info      http://www.von-neindorff-stiftung.de