#5 Hermès Wallpaper

We are decorating our new Equestrian Lifestyle office and while looking for inspiration, we bumped into the new tool on the Hermès website. If you are looking for good quality – equestrian inspired – wallpaper, you have to check out this “mix and match” tool. Let me show you one of our favorite combinations.

Les Sangles (love the yellow one)

Equestrian Lifestyle Hermes

     Finish (hmm not sure of these)

Equestrian Lifestyle Hermes

Fil d’Argent (we will pick out this blue and brown one)

Equestrian Lifestyle HermesEquestrian Lifestyle Hermes

Let us know what color range and print is your favorite by using the hashtag #EQEYE

#3 Equestrian parfume

Have you ever wanted a parfume that smells like your stable? (No…me neither)

Equestrian Lifestyle Dream Stable

The New York based company “Library of Fragency ” (established in 1996) created a range of perfumes with an equestrian inspired smell. You can choose between: Fresh Hay, Stable, Leather, Saddle and Riding Crop.

Equestrian Lifestyle The price for one bottle is +-20€ for 30ml.

Equestrian Lifestyle