** Happy NewYear **

Time to look back at the year that passed and see what we’ve been up to. Thanks to all the opportunities that came knocking, I was able to travel a lot and visit amazing places. 2016 was a great blogging year thanks to you, who are reading all our posts and following us on social media! Today is the third of january and it’s time to get back to work 🙂 As from today, all blogposts will be written in English and Dutch. But first a little overview of the best travel moments of 2016!

** Gelukkig Nieuwjaar **

Voila. Vanaf vandaag is het zover, alle blogposts zullen voortaan ook in het Nederlands verschijnen. Op vraag van velen en met enkele Nederlandstalige samenwerkingen op de agenda voor 2017, is dit ons goed voornemen voor het nieuwe jaar :). Dankzij jullie (trouwe lezers) hebben we in 2016 weer een hele waslijst aan kansen gekregen om met luxe hippische merken te mogen samenwerken en de wereld af te reizen. Dit was 2016 in reisfoto’s.horse giraffe rhino snow Instagram will be our main focus of all the social media channels in 2017, so make sure you follow @equestrian_lifestyleblog for daily equestrian fashion inspiration.

Op social media vlak gaan we ons voortaan enkel focussen op Instagram, dus volg zeker @equestrian_lifestyleblog voor je dagelijkse dosis inspiratie.

People always ask what I do for a living and as this question is getting repeated over and over again, it seems my answer is never satisfying. Three years ago I started creating my dream job. Because if you will never try, you will never know, right? Mixing the 5 things I like the most: horses, traveling, fashion, events and marketing. That’s how Equestrian Lifestyle became lively. The blog started as a hobby, to share my passion for fashion and horses. Today, the blog has developed itselves into a company. What a crazy journey it has been. So many business opportunities came my way and I got the chance to meet so many lovely people across the world who share the same interests.

The subject of the blog was never about me or my life, but always about the brands, products and events I liked and promoted. Maybe it’s time to share a little more about me, because personality seems to be the reason why people follow others on social media and blogs 🙂coffee zebra sunglasses donut cupcakeIn the past years, I had the chance to fly around the world to create the content for this blog. Traveling has been part of my job and within one month I am on a plane to South Africa to go on a Horse Safari with the team of African Horse Safari’s.

As this trip will be an amazing experience, I will take you with me through daily blog- and videoposts from South Africa.

So you will get a glimpse of the (best parts of the) job of an equestrian blogger.

All the blogpost from South Africa will also be translated in French and Dutch.
Counting the days…D-30  (23rd until 28th November)horse and rhino

When I am writing this article, I am actually in Paris, enjoying my coffee at the famous Cafe de Flore and looking at all the fashionable people passing by. Just so you know, fashion week is in full swing here. Cafe de Flore Paris coffeeNext month I will be traveling to South Africa and I am on the hunt for the perfect carry-on travel bag. Off course one of the first stops to look for inspiration is Hermès. Let’s get rid of the idea the “Birkin” is the perfect bag….because you have to be openminded, right?

While strolling around at the travel section, this beauty caught my eyes immediately. The Hermès oxer.Leather bagThe bag was only launched in 2014 and you hardly see this model on the streets, which makes it even more attractive. I think it’s the perfect size to fit in all your bits and bobs while traveling and be stylish at the same time. Grey bag in leatherMy absolute favorite is this tan colored one, which has an equestrian touch. Hermes Brown Oxer Bag

Forget about the Birkin, let’s go OXER.

Which is your perfect carry-on bag?

(Hermès Oxer 9500€)

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Did you know…Coco Chanel loved horses? Probably you do, but…what’s even more interesting, she has got her inspiration of the famous Chanel “matelassé” pattern out of the printed vests of a jockey.White Chanel Jacket Chanel high heels and Grey Chanel Classic Flap Bag Horseracing, we already wrote a blogpost of the Kentucky Derby in 2015 (read here) and fashion was all over the place, so I am not really surprised this was the setting were Mademoiselle Coco has got her inspiration.Horseracing Jockey on Horse Kentucky DerbyYou recognise the quilted Chanel pattern in every piece of the French fashion house. The stitching technique ensures that the pattern had some sort of diamond pads in it. Chanel quilted patternAround 1920, Coco (we may say Coco, right) adapted the technique for the first time on her pillows in her apartment in Rue Cambon, Paris. Every since, the quilted pattern has become the signature style for the famous handbags, clothes, shoes and jewelry. Coco Chanel and Boy Chapel Polo Player Fashion InspirationOn the picture, you’ll see Coco Chanel with Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel, a British polo player and muse of the fashion designer.