As a tribute to the brand’s passion for the equestrian world, Longines is launching a new line with shapes and materials inspired by iconic elements of the equine world. Equestrian Lifestyle Longines Arches on racetracks evoking horseshoes, stirrups acting as supports to follow their horse around the high jump course, fine leather of saddles: all these strong images are found in the bold lines of these watches dedicated to female equestrian sports lovers.

Equestrian Lifestyle Longines

The Longines Equestrian Pocket Watch “Lépine” is a classic masterpiece. This metal pocket watch is kept in the Musée Longines Saint- Imier and was the inspiration for The Longines Equestrian Pocketwatch Horses Trio in 1911 .Equestrian Lifestyle Longines

The new rose gold pocket watch underlines the passion of Longines for equestrian and is available in a very limited edition numbered copies. The creation of a diameter of 48.20 mm on the back side is decorated with an engraving of a trio horses. Equipped with a manual on winding L878.4 caliber developed exclusively for Longines .Equestrian Lifestyle Longines

Equestrian Lifestyle LonginesEquestrian Lifestyle LonginesA must have collection for every horse lover and fashionista!

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Hickstead (UK), the place to be for numerous international equestrian events, hosted one of the biggest outdoor show in the country: “The Longines Royal International Horse Show”.  Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead

Let me take you with me on my trip from Brussels (Belgium) to London and Hickstead. Early morning in Brussel, leaving with the Eurostar to London. Train breakfast: check.Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead

Only 2 hours later, we arrived in beautiful London St. Pancras. I could talk for hours about all the shopping areas and hipster places, but let’s stick to business. There are 2 possibilities to go to Hickstead, directly by train from St. Pancras to Haywards Heath or by Coach bus (go to Victoria coach station via the Underground services).Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead I am not a big fan of public transport, but the Coach bus services are really handy, they drop you off right in front of the main entrance at The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead.Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead

The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead, was the dream and brain child of one man Douglas Bunn. Now run by his family, the showground remains one of the premier equestrian venues in the world. Almost every great show jumper, horse and rider, has competed at Hickstead since we first opened our doors in 1960.Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead In 2010, The All England Jumping Course celebrated its 50th anniversary as the home of international showjumping in Great Britain. Since then it has undergone £1million-worth of refurbishment works, including the complete renovation of the famous International Arena.

Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead

Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead

The Equestrian Lifestyle Team also attended The Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ to support the Belgium team. Their where eight teams competed for the historic Prince of Wales Trophy. (Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the USA, France and the Netherlands) . Who jumped to victory? Yes, we did! Belgium wins the FEI Nations Cup!


First of all I have to say a great thanks to my team members, without them I wouldn’t have been in the jump-off,” said Pieter, who stood on the winners podium alongside Judy Ann Melchior (As Cold As Ice Z); Gudrun Patteet (Sea Coast Pebles Z) and Olivier Philippaerts (H&M Armstrong van de Kapel). Belgian Chef d’equipe Dirk Demeersman said: “Finally we won at Hickstead! Before, when I came here as a rider I had many disasters, so it is great to get this result – and good also that we have qualified for the final in Barcelona, as that was the goal.”

Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead

The kids are presenting their shiny poneys in front of the judges.

Shopping. With more than 250 exhibitors, the Charles Owen sponsored shopping village is a hive of retail activity. If you are a seasoned shopper and intend to spend the entire day seeking out excellent show-discounts and special offers, or if you are merely looking for a souvenir of your day out, the Hickstead shopping village something to suit your tastes.

Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead ShoppingEquestrian Lifestyle Hickstead Shopping

Whether you are after equine accessories, tack and equipment, or fine clothing and exquisite jewellery you will not be disappointed. Even the most reluctant shopper will be able to understand why some of our loyal visitors come to Hickstead just for the shopping!

Equestrian Lifestyle HicksteadEquestrian Lifestyle Hickstead

Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead

Some views from above. Love this venue!

Equestrian Lifestyle Hickstead

Equestrian Lifestyle HicksteadWe had a great time at Hickstead and enjoyed topsport and shopping. Thank for the hospitality.



One of the big advantages and fun aspects of writing a blog is that you meet people from all over the world with the same interests. One of these stylish people is Danish/Brazilian girl Diana who runs the blog Polo People Places and who is our guest blogger for this article. You can’t be everywhere, …right? So let’s enjoy her journey at the Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup in Denmark.Equestrian Lifestyle Polo

Denmark’s most beautiful beach, situated in the town of Hornbæk on the North Sealand coast played host to the first edition of The Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup. Hornbæk is Denmark’s equivilant to The Hamptons and is home to the most expensive holiday homes in Scandinavia and has been a summer retreat of the jetset for generations. 8 two-man teams entered the 3 day tournament with handicaps from 0 – 6 goals. The tournament had been preceded by a parade through the town to increase popularity with the locals who supported the players and the event throughout. The event featured an exclusive VIP area for 300 people who were treated to a lunch of Veuve Clicquot champagne and Rossini Caviar and food from Ilse Jacobsen’s ‘Kurbadet’ in an impressive marquee with cabanas facing the pitch.

Equestrian Lifestyle Beach Polo

Players from countries ranging from Argentina to Czech Republic took part and also included La Martina’s Brand Ambassador – George Pearson. The first day saw action from the start with skilled polo to impress the spectators who followed the games with cheers and claps. Impressive plays by players such as Federico Boudou, Royston Prisk and Stevie McGraith made them a favourite with the crowds from the start and throughout the tournament.

Equestrian Lifestyle Polo

Equestrian Lifestyle Polo Over 8,000 spectators enjoyed the three days of polo action on one of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches and were treated to not only up close polo action but also on-pitch activity such as the Rossini Caviar Dash which was open to all spectators and proved a great success. Spectators were asked to participate in a race to win a 250g tub of caviar worth over £500.

Equestrian Lifestyle

Professional UK based player Royston Prisk commented ‘this is the most beautiful and well organised beach polo tournament I have ever played in, I loved every minute of it’.

Equestrian Lifestyle Tina Lund Thanks to Diana & Polo People Places



The year 2015 is very special in the history of the Aachen Laurensberger Rennverein. In addition to the FEI European Championships, the World Equestrian Festival was also staged at the Soers in Aachen at the end of May. Competitions in the three classic disciplines show jumping, dressage and driving were held on May 29th to 31st. Let me give you an impression. This main arena is already impressive by itself. (Photo @chioaachen)

CHIO Aachen 2015 Equestrian Lifestyle

The city of Aachen was completely branded by logo’s and banners of the event. Entering the “Krefeldstrasse” or the trainstation put you immediately in the mood.

Equestrian Lifestyle CHIO Aachen CHIO aachen Equestrian LIfestyle

In the dressage arena was German rider Isabelle Werth queen of the day. She won the “PHILIPS Prize” with the 14-year-old Hanoverian-bred Don Johnson FRH. The 45-year-old rider took the lead in the Deutsche Bank Stadium after being awarded a score of 76.300 percent. (Photo @chioaachen)

CHIO Aachen

On Saturday evening the audience became enthusiastic during the “Tank and Rast prize” Jump & Drive. A competition where a team comprises of one driver and one show-jumper. The rider starts first and has to complete a course of 8 obstacles. After the last obstacle, the rider dismounts (which is always a bit hectic), hands the horse over to the groom and jumps on carriage.

CHio Aachen Equestrian Lifestyle

CHIO Aachen has a variety of topsport but shopping addicts also find their way near the showground. The hype this summer seems defenitely an infinity scarf with pastel colors as we’ve seen this in every shop.

CHIO Aachen Equestrian Lifestyle

A remarkable stand which attracted a lot of visitors, was Elly’s Team and her horse hair thickening solutions. If your furry friend has hair loss or you want to give him some extra volume, go for a tail-, forelock- or mane-toupee. There’s a wide range of colors.

collage hairrextpedeef-page-001

Sundays are for winning. The British show-jumper, Scott Brash, number one in the world rankings, rode to victory in the Rolex Grand Prix with his top horse “Hello Sanctos”.


Scots’ name is on the famous list and it seems he has big plans for the future!

CHIO aachen scot brash

The FEI European Championship *August 11th to 23rd*


The New York Fashion Week is in full force, so time for us to bring back some memories of extraordinary equestrian fashion items.

Worn by Lady Gaga, abhorred by animal lovers but worth talking are the “Hoof Heels” created by German artist Iris Schieferstein.

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog Hoof Heels

For many years the fashion taxidermist worked with dead animals as raw material for her pieces of art. With her collection, she gives us a whole other view on dead fragments.

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog Hoof HeelsEquestrian Lifestyle Blog Hoof Heels If you are a fan or not, at least you can say she is pretty original.Also Alexander McQueen was inspired by this theme and made a similar collection in 2012.

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog Hoof Heels

For us, a regular pair of riding boots will do 😉

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