A lot of exhibitors use the EQUITANA as a springboard for presenting their latest products for the fashionable rider to a broad public. Strolling around in the 12 halls filled with equestrian equipment, it feels like you jumping around from one fashion cloud to another. Here are my favorite picks from  “Equitana fashion heaven“.One of the brands that caught my eye is the preppy and colorful Spanish brand Montepicaza. Their collection is polo inspired with a high fashionable twist. No need to say I picked up these blush pink ballerinas for spring.pink shoes  If you want to invest in a high quality weekendbag, lots of colorful options are available.red blue brown shoes bag leatherWould you go for a yellow, green or a multicolored saddle?Yellow Green Red saddle Safety and style go hand in hand with these gold and silver sparkly Uvex helmets. Which one is your favorite?silver and gold helmet  Cuteness overload when the mini-me would wear a helmet like this, right? Pink hearts and rose gold lucky shoes for the win. rose gold pink blue helmetDid you know Equitana offers the largest selection of horse trailers? It seems that the fashion industry has highly influenced the brands. This trailer with psychedelic print and the pink one with Swarovski crystals by Careline are a real eyecatcher on the road.pink trailerCreative and wonderful equestrian art for your garden by Italian brand Breschivivai. green horse Can we agree from now on that we only wear matching riding boots and helmets? I just had to take this of the shelf to check if it was a match. Petrie riding boots and Kep Italia helmet. Brown helmet and bootsLast but not least; it seems that someone at the Cavallo design team is a fan of the Rolling Stones.black leatherLike always, Equitana is the place to be for equestrian shopaholics.


They all come to EQUITANA: top athletes and top sires, sports and recreational riders from all disciplines, drivers, and horsemanship fans. And regardless of whether you want to build a riding facility, buy a pair of riding trousers or watch the greatest equestrians train: at the Exhibition Centre in Essen from 18 to 26 March 2017, EQUITANA brings together everyone and everything the international world of equestrianism has to offer right now. Where else can you choose from more than 1,600 different varieties of basic, special and supplementary feedstuffs; try out 700 different saddles; or inspect one of the about 100 horse trailers on display?yellow sandLearning from world and Olympic champions

A total of 80 instructors, trainers, and top athletes will participate in EQUITANA’s daytime programme. With Isabell Werth, Ludger Beerbaum, Andreas Ostholt, Frank Ostholt, Christian Ahlmann and Nicole Uphoff-Selke, top international stars will pass on their skills in impressive daily demonstrations. Training is also a key topic emphasised by the German Equestrian Federation (FN). Topics range from basic training to high-performance sports. The focus is on creative riding lessons for children, modern jumping, safe cross-country riding, safety in driving, riding style comparisons (“Western meets Classic”) and a dressage lesson with German national coach Monica Theodorescu.white horsesFrom top-to-bottom stable constructions with modern exercise pen designs to horse exercisers to horse muesli, from the latest fashion trends to must-have accessories: EQUITANA comprises the major international brands and manufacturers as part of the most extensive overview of the latest developments in the equestrian sports market. For breeders, professional horse farms and horse owners, EQUITANA is the top choice when it comes to riding, horse care, and the construction, operation and maintenance of equestrian sports facilities and stables. Did you know EQUITANA offers the largest selection of horse trailers anywhere?Horse trailerWith over 200.000 visitors a year, EQUITANA is the hotspot for equestrian enthusiasts. But how do you manage to get the most out of your visit? It all starts with organizing your trip. With the EQUITANA app, you are able to plan your visit in advance. You have access to a floorpan and the full program, which allows you prepare your stay in a stressless way. You can easily add your favorite clinic, trainer or shop into your personal program which will guide you during the event.equitana program

You are not the only one who will visit EQUITANA, so leave on time to avoid traffic around the venue and to get your parking spot close to the entrance. Enjoy your shopping and inhale tips and tricks of the best horsemen in every discipline! Follow our Instagram page for daily updates. If you attend EQUITANA, let us know and come and have a chat.

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The next EQUITANA will take place from 9 to 17 March 2019.

Every other year, the world’s largest equestrian sports fair Equitana in Germany brings together the most popular trainers, world-class riders and show stars.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

 This year’s Hop Top evening spectacle “Amirando”  stands out as the show highlight and guarantees unforgettable images. You will get to experience a mix of breathtaking stunts, colorful imagery and the poetic togetherless of man and horse, all based on 3 principles: friendship, trust and harmony.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

Featuring show acts accentuated by music and dramatic lighting, “Amirando” portrays their trusting and intense relationship, shows subtle communication using barely visible signals.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

Christophe Hasta Luego, known from the Apassionata shows, gives you a glimp of liberty training.

Equitana Lorenzo Equestrian LifestyleLorenzo, the flying French man and acrobate rider shows you his stunts and outstanding talent.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

And in every show is a funny note…

French Artist Jean-Baptiste Duperray and his Company des Quidams let his balloon horses dance, which gives a beautiful and breathtaking effect.

Equitana Equestrian Lifestyle

The show starts at 8 pm on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

More info www.equitana.com  or www.hop-top-show.com

Indoor foto credits Rainer Schimm/Sven Cramer

Thanks to Equitana for the invitation!