Secretly we all love pink. The picture of our blush pink riding breeches was such a hit on instagram, but unfortunately it was sold out everywhere. So we decided to go on the hunt for some wearable alternatives! pink breeches with dusty grey patchesThese riding breeches are by Hooks Sweden and have the perfect blush pink color with the dusty grey leather patches. A practical and stylish addition to ones wardrobe. A great alternative, but maybe not everyone’s choice, is the high waist pink breeches with full seat pattern silicone by Olvossa UK. The high waistline, strong grip & lycra ankles make these breeches very unique and a must have for “pink lovers”. ($140) If you really want to go over the top with your pink obsession, you can add these pink and gold-embroidered Petri riding boots to your wardrobe. (Riding boots available at Ooteman)Pink riding boots pink riding breechesIf you want to keep your equestrian look a little more low profile, but still want to rock the pink riding breeches,  these ones by Kentucky Reitsport will do the job! Combine them with the light blue riding boots by Petri and you’ll be the most stylish one of the stable! (Kentucky riding breeches available at Ooteman 130$)

Pink riding breeches and light blue riding boots

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Always dreamed about wearing new riding boots every day? With the new mix and match removable straps by Italian equestrian brand Tattini, you can now change your look on a daily basis.Riding boots Black There is a variety of straps available, from really shiny and sparkly to the flag of your country. Endless possibilities to stand out from the crowd!Black riding boots with removable straps Easily removable!Black riding boots with removable strap The riding boots created by Tattini have also a special ventilation system “Air Boost System“, the first patented expressly to be applied to horse riding shoes. Made of high quality grained natural calfskin with an elasticized back that allows maximum grip on any calf just as a custom made boot, they are equipped with a rubber sole with a leather inner sole that makes them exceptionally comfortable, lightweight and flexible, so that to be worn all day long without feeling the least fatigue. The heel has a very effective anti-shock system, which reduces impact of the heel and fatigue of the foot.Horse and riding white breeches black boots

Time to change your look with Tattini!


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Two times a year, equestrian fashion retailers gather at the international trade fair “Spogahorse” in Germany to shop the newest trends for the next season. Spotting innovative ideas and the perfect moment to enlarge your fashion network quickly get the equestrian experts talking.

Let me show you the most remarkable new trends for 2017.color riding boots

1. Suede riding boots

As you all know by now, my obsession for riding boots has reached a new level. I’m always on the hunt for new styles, new color matches and classy details. So, I was pretty excited when I saw this suede trend passing by at SpogaHorse. The boots on the pictures are by Reiten Leder (left) and Könings Reitstieffel (right) and are made of calfskin.

Suede Riding Boots And if you like the boots on the left, you can personalize them with a colorful shoe lace.Color leather boots shoe lace

2. Lace ear bonnets

The new equestrian brand Cavalliera came up with this long lace printed ear bonnet. I think this will look amazing on baroque horses or during a dressage competition.Lace ear bonnet

3. Personalize your Mattes

Next season you will get the chance to buy your numbered colorful Mattes saddle pad. Mix and match all the way and get your hands on the number one.Color saddle pad

4. Buttons

Spoken about saddle pads, the German company Equest and jewelry/bracelet company Babouche have partnered up to create a unique line of saddle pads. You can customize you saddle pad by adding buttons of your choice. Saddle pad with buttons

5. Glitter all the way

Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day! Shine bright like a diamond with these glittery safety helmets by Kask. Glitter helmet

6. Leather belts

You can never go wrong with a beautiful leather belt. Belgian brand Dy’On came up with those classy models with an elegant touch. Leather Belt

7. Girly flowers

You are into girly things with a flowery touch? Than the Italian brand Marta Morgan will be your cup of tea. Lovely colorful accents on your horse gear will make your day! The perfect way to protect your stirrups with those beautiful pouches.Flowers on horse gear

8. Eyes on luxury

Last but not least, the new Italian brand Vestrum is rocking it all the way. Definitely one of the most luxurious and most beautiful collections at SpogaHorse.leather bag luxury clothes

These were our 8 favorite picks of the upcoming trends in 2017.

What are your “hot or not” items?



I have a penchant for baroque horses and I am not the only one. Their power, elegance and beauty with a southern touch are the perfect conditions for an appealing fashion photo shoot. While I was in The Netherlands last week, I came across the collection of designer Beatrice Bulteau. A French lady who currently lives in Portugal. Her fascination for Lusitano horses and their emotional essence and movements are the inspiration of her collection. White Lusitano Horse Equestrian fashion Scarf with horse printLusitano horse Oxidado (by Portuguese Rider Pedro Torres) was the model on duty and did an outstanding job presenting the scarfs. The hand painted silk scarves are a real eyecatcher. And not only to cover your horse :).White Lusitano Horse with Hand painted Scarf If you want to learn more about the Lusitano Horse and Portuguese breeds, check out our blogpost about the Alter Real Stud.Equestrian Lifestyle White Lusitano Stallion with silk hand painted scarfThe collection of equestrian scarves, drawings, porcelain and more by Bulteau is available at the designer’s website.




Did you know…Coco Chanel loved horses? Probably you do, but…what’s even more interesting, she has got her inspiration of the famous Chanel “matelassé” pattern out of the printed vests of a jockey.White Chanel Jacket Chanel high heels and Grey Chanel Classic Flap Bag Horseracing, we already wrote a blogpost of the Kentucky Derby in 2015 (read here) and fashion was all over the place, so I am not really surprised this was the setting were Mademoiselle Coco has got her inspiration.Horseracing Jockey on Horse Kentucky DerbyYou recognise the quilted Chanel pattern in every piece of the French fashion house. The stitching technique ensures that the pattern had some sort of diamond pads in it. Chanel quilted patternAround 1920, Coco (we may say Coco, right) adapted the technique for the first time on her pillows in her apartment in Rue Cambon, Paris. Every since, the quilted pattern has become the signature style for the famous handbags, clothes, shoes and jewelry. Coco Chanel and Boy Chapel Polo Player Fashion InspirationOn the picture, you’ll see Coco Chanel with Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel, a British polo player and muse of the fashion designer.