They all come to EQUITANA: top athletes and top sires, sports and recreational riders from all disciplines, drivers, and horsemanship fans. And regardless of whether you want to build a riding facility, buy a pair of riding trousers or watch the greatest equestrians train: at the Exhibition Centre in Essen from 18 to 26 March 2017, EQUITANA brings together everyone and everything the international world of equestrianism has to offer right now. Where else can you choose from more than 1,600 different varieties of basic, special and supplementary feedstuffs; try out 700 different saddles; or inspect one of the about 100 horse trailers on display?yellow sandLearning from world and Olympic champions

A total of 80 instructors, trainers, and top athletes will participate in EQUITANA’s daytime programme. With Isabell Werth, Ludger Beerbaum, Andreas Ostholt, Frank Ostholt, Christian Ahlmann and Nicole Uphoff-Selke, top international stars will pass on their skills in impressive daily demonstrations. Training is also a key topic emphasised by the German Equestrian Federation (FN). Topics range from basic training to high-performance sports. The focus is on creative riding lessons for children, modern jumping, safe cross-country riding, safety in driving, riding style comparisons (“Western meets Classic”) and a dressage lesson with German national coach Monica Theodorescu.white horsesFrom top-to-bottom stable constructions with modern exercise pen designs to horse exercisers to horse muesli, from the latest fashion trends to must-have accessories: EQUITANA comprises the major international brands and manufacturers as part of the most extensive overview of the latest developments in the equestrian sports market. For breeders, professional horse farms and horse owners, EQUITANA is the top choice when it comes to riding, horse care, and the construction, operation and maintenance of equestrian sports facilities and stables. Did you know EQUITANA offers the largest selection of horse trailers anywhere?Horse trailerWith over 200.000 visitors a year, EQUITANA is the hotspot for equestrian enthusiasts. But how do you manage to get the most out of your visit? It all starts with organizing your trip. With the EQUITANA app, you are able to plan your visit in advance. You have access to a floorpan and the full program, which allows you prepare your stay in a stressless way. You can easily add your favorite clinic, trainer or shop into your personal program which will guide you during the event.equitana program

You are not the only one who will visit EQUITANA, so leave on time to avoid traffic around the venue and to get your parking spot close to the entrance. Enjoy your shopping and inhale tips and tricks of the best horsemen in every discipline! Follow our Instagram page for daily updates. If you attend EQUITANA, let us know and come and have a chat.

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The next EQUITANA will take place from 9 to 17 March 2019.

Since we’ve started this blog, a lot of exciting things happened. We had the chance to be invited at great events and got to know a bunch of people who share the same interest. Every once in a while, we discover a brand that really stands out and that gets some extra love from our team. Get to know the new collection of the classy equestrian brand Rönner: Cabalina.Equestrian Lifestyle Rönner DesignRönner Design is an independent, family-owned fashion house and lifestyle brand specialising in equestrian-inspired, ready-to-wear womenswear and accessories. Founded in 2010 by sisters Carin and Jessica Stellabatti Rönner, their collections are increasingly receiving international recognition for their classic designs, keen attention to detail and finest quality fabrics, often featuring their portfolio of iconic, equestrian prints.Equestrian Lifestyle Rönner Design The Rönner philosophy combines a timeless elegance and style with practicality, with their pieces eminently transferable from day-to-night, private enclosure at the Polo to family Sunday lunches. Every collection is an evolution – showcasing fresh takes on their staple pieces, whilst at the same time introducing new designs to refresh and reflect the latest trends.Equestrian Lifestyle Rönner DesignWith their new collection “Cabalina“, Rönner celebrates the quintessentially equestrian, elegantly feminine art of sidesaddle riding. The inspiration has come from female silhouettes and images of stylish sidesaddle riders, which has informed their statement prints and details that run through the collection.

Equestrian Lifestyle Rönner DesignAt Rönner, they like to focus on the details, and you’ll find nothing overlooked when it comes to Cabalina. They have extended the embroideries and motifs to incorporate dazzling Swarovski crystals and introduced a series of surprising, contrasting linings, which play with some of our more traditional tailoring.

Equestrian Lifestyle Rönner DesignWhen the occasion calls for a night or two away, then this is the bag to have close to hand. Designed to be roomy but eminently portable, it’s a real get-away essential. Made from printed cotton canvas, it features a showcase of the most iconic Cabalina motifs.Equestrian Lifestyle Rönner Design Nothing beats the feeling of being perfectly dressed for any occasion. Stylish from hip-to-toe, Rönner’s footwear collection offers everything from over-the-knee boots to ankle affairs, which are perfectly suited for office environments.

Equestrian Lifestyle Rönner Design

The Cabalina collection by Rönner is classic and timeless. Their poncho’s are by far our favorite pieces in the collection. Good to know: Rönner ships worldwide!

Equestrian Lifestyle Rönner Design Cabalina


Egon Von Neindorff († 19/05/2004) was the master of classical horsemanship and owned his riding institute in Karlsruhe, Germany. What happened with the heritage after he passed away? imagesEZEUV1NHIn 2011, I spent some time at the riding institute to improve my riding skills and to learn more about the classical dressage principles. An extraordinary experience that made me call the effectivness of modern dressage training into question.

SAM_0093  Entering the gates of the riding school with my horse made me feel humble  but so excited at the same time. The institute is located in a former casern, which gives you immediatly the feeling of tradition, virtue and strictness.Eingangstor_600   The daily routine starts at 07:00 AM with feeding the horse, mucking out the stables and leveling the indoor arena with a rake. (!)

Hours of lunging lessons without stirrups were part of the training, but I also got the chance to train the high schooled horses to get to know the feeling of piaffe, passage, levade,..all educated with the classical principles in mind.

Reitinstitut_PaddocksThe stables are old but clean and the communication with the horses is a no-nonsens one, which made the best friends. You can discuss for hours the training methods and differences between modern dressage and the classical inspired training with the equestrian managers of the institute.


If you have the guts to apply for a training course or internship, you won’t regret it. Enjoy the beautiful indoor arena.


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