With New York Fashion Week  in full swing, it’s time to get some fashion inspiration for fall. I recently was spoiled with a little Hermès present, a golden bit scarf ring.black scarf orange box golden bitMany ways to wear this piece of beauty, but these are my favorite ways to style it!

You can easily wrap a scarf around your waist and tie it up with the scarf ring.Blue skirt yellow scarf golden bit Blue skirt yellow scarf golden bit We love some creative arm candy, so when you have a small scarf (the best way to style this is a Hermès twilly model), you can also use the bit as a bracelet.Human arm with blue scarf and golden bit braceletHuman arm blue scarf with golden bit bracelet green grassAnd off course you can also wear your scarf the traditional way. These two styles will make the bit a real eye-catcher.White shirt yellow scarf golden bit Jeans shirt dream necklace and golden bit with blue scarf

Equestrian Scarf Ring by Hermès

1st scarf (black) by Gucci //2nd scarf (yellow) by Gucci //3th scarf (baby blue) by Burberry // 4th scarf  (pink) by Burberry


Bagcharms are all over the place and personalizing your bag has become a fashion statement. Whether you are into Italian style and want to pimp your Fendi bag with a furry monster or you have a more Parisienne look, then you know Louis Vuitton and La Duree are the perfect match.

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog Fendi Louis Vuitton

What if you have the equestrian attitude? Well, we put the most beautful equestrian bagcharms at a glance for you.

Favorites first, right? French fashion house Hermès has it all. Those little “rodeo horse” bagcharms are to die for and they look stunning on your (hopefully authentic) Birkin bag. Prices start at +- 800$.

Equestrian Lifestyle Hermes

If you are in the mood for something smaller and more sophisticated, these cute leather Hermès straps will definitely make your bag more elegant.

Equestrian Lifestyle HermesAlso Carolina Herrera jumped on the wagon with her horse collection. Pretty cute!Equestrian Lifestyle Hermès

Let’s move on to Gucci, the Italian brand is since years a decent value in horse sport (Gucci Masters Paris) and their collections are always equestrian inspired. This keychain is a real eye-catcher on every bag. Price +- 350$.

Equestrian Lifestyle Gucci

A little bit more affordable but still very classy is this little Ralph Lauren horse. The soft caramel leather becomes a bit dirty after heavy use but that gives it some charm.

Equestrian Lifestyle Ralph Lauren

This golden keychain with a lucky shoe and a brown horse head is a musthave from Tory Burch. They launched it during the year of the horse but I still found it online. (check ebay)

Equestrian Lifestyle Tory Burch

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It is a yearly tradition to attend the annual fair Sicab (Salon Internacional del Caballo de Pura Raza Española) in Sevilla.


We could spend a thousand words on the beauty of the horse, the bloodlines, the Spanish tradition or the atmosphere, but let’s talk fashion this time. In one of the 3 arenas, you can find a lot of commercial stands, which are 75% fashion related.

Here’s an overview:

You instantly get attracted by the colorful belts of Pampeano. The Argentine polo belt range is the new hype by equestrians. www.pampeano.co.uk


The stylish shoes with a Gucci inspired touch are a real eyecatcher. www.aosupertrends.com

Sevilla Sicab

Perfect to combine with a tweed jacket or a pair of leather gloves.

Sevilla Sicab 2014Equestrian Sicabwww.paramicouture.com

Equestrian Sicab FashionEquestrian SevillaEquestrian Horse Sicab


Ayre Hotel  (Thanks for the great service and free upgrade to the Suite)



The Longines Global Champions Tour is the World’s premier five-star show jumping event with the most stunning venues.

This weekend (4-5-6 July 2014), we are in France to attend the fabulous debut show “Paris Eiffel Jumping” held at the Champs de Mars, in front of the Eiffel Tower.


This amazing view makes your ride even more special, so jump into victory!


Photocredits: www.globalchampionstour.com