#2 Horse sculptures in the London Thames

I have a huge crush for everything British and when I was in London last week a new hotspot appeared while I was crossing the River Thames: 4 riders on horseback! The scultpures are a part of the Totally Thames Art Festival and represent the role the river Thames had played in the history of London. You can see the underwater horses at low and high tide.

Equestrian Lifestyle London Equestrian Lifestyle London

One of the big advantages and fun aspects of writing a blog is that you meet people from all over the world with the same interests. One of these stylish people is Danish/Brazilian girl Diana who runs the blog Polo People Places and who is our guest blogger for this article. You can’t be everywhere, …right? So let’s enjoy her journey at the Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup in Denmark.Equestrian Lifestyle Polo

Denmark’s most beautiful beach, situated in the town of Hornbæk on the North Sealand coast played host to the first edition of The Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup. Hornbæk is Denmark’s equivilant to The Hamptons and is home to the most expensive holiday homes in Scandinavia and has been a summer retreat of the jetset for generations. 8 two-man teams entered the 3 day tournament with handicaps from 0 – 6 goals. The tournament had been preceded by a parade through the town to increase popularity with the locals who supported the players and the event throughout. The event featured an exclusive VIP area for 300 people who were treated to a lunch of Veuve Clicquot champagne and Rossini Caviar and food from Ilse Jacobsen’s ‘Kurbadet’ in an impressive marquee with cabanas facing the pitch.

Equestrian Lifestyle Beach Polo

Players from countries ranging from Argentina to Czech Republic took part and also included La Martina’s Brand Ambassador – George Pearson. The first day saw action from the start with skilled polo to impress the spectators who followed the games with cheers and claps. Impressive plays by players such as Federico Boudou, Royston Prisk and Stevie McGraith made them a favourite with the crowds from the start and throughout the tournament.

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Equestrian Lifestyle Polo Over 8,000 spectators enjoyed the three days of polo action on one of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches and were treated to not only up close polo action but also on-pitch activity such as the Rossini Caviar Dash which was open to all spectators and proved a great success. Spectators were asked to participate in a race to win a 250g tub of caviar worth over £500.

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Professional UK based player Royston Prisk commented ‘this is the most beautiful and well organised beach polo tournament I have ever played in, I loved every minute of it’.

Equestrian Lifestyle Tina Lund Thanks to Diana & Polo People Places



As equestrians, we are always looking for perfection. Whether it is in our fashionable outfit, in grooming our horse or in going for the extra mile in competition. Every detail is important, every dressage step must be 100% under controle and every second in the jump off makes the difference between the first place or…no place.Stella Artois Equestrian Lifestyle

Perfectionism. Could this be the reason Belgium beer Stella Artois is partnering with Carlos “Polito ” Ulloa and the Argentine Open Polo Tournament in Buenos Aires at the end of this year? Off course, Stella Artois had created a series of the World’s most prestigious events and brings behind the scenes stories of all types of perfectionists.Stella Artois Equestrian Lifestyle

World class polo trainer Carlos Ulloa is one of the best and people describe him as the man with a vision to spot champions when no one else sees them.. Let this qoute be the theme of the advertisement, the polo pony whom viewers see him breaking-in is initially invisible. The final moment when the horse becomes rideable, he also becomes visible. (click to see)Stella Artois Youtube Equestrian Lifestyle

As born in the home town of Stella Artois, but also as a horse lover and passionate marketing person, I must say this is a great advertisement. The story behind the video reflects the vision and development of the Belgian beer brand. But let me ad one critical comment on this advertisement: creating a sponsorship with an equestrian event in a country were horse slaughter is core business…#stophorseslaughter

Stella Artois

Polo tournament Argentina

Stop Horse Slaughter

For the 6th time Le Grand Palais in Paris is hosting “Saut Hermès“, an international 5-star (CSI5*) show jumping competition, which take place on 10-11-12 April 2015. A truly unique event organised by luxury brand Hermès with the world’s top riders. Let me take you on a journey of style and topsport.


Such an impressive venue!

Saut Hermes Equestrian Lifestyle

Saut Hermes Equestrian Lifestyle

This beautiful sculpure of “Pegasus” created by Christian Renonciat is the guardian angel of the riders and horses this weekend. The details of the wings are just stunning and remind me of the Victoria Secret wings.

Saut Hermes Equestrian Lifestyle Pegasus

The equestrian collection of Hermès is extraordinary quality and looks so classy on your horse. Time to shop? If you want to know more about where to buy this tack, go check out our blogpost of last year. (click)

saut hermes equestrian lifestyle

saut hermes equestrian lifestyle

Looking for a matching scarf or ear bonnets in these lovely summer colors?

saut hermes equestrian lifestyle

Don’t leave yourself in these fashion items, we need to jump some fences…

saut hermes equestrian lifestyle

saut hermes equestrian lifestyle

If you can’t make it to the show, go to www.sauthermes.com and follow all the action live! Live broadcast of all the classes and results.

saut hermes equestrian lifestyle

It is a yearly tradition to attend the annual fair Sicab (Salon Internacional del Caballo de Pura Raza Española) in Sevilla.


We could spend a thousand words on the beauty of the horse, the bloodlines, the Spanish tradition or the atmosphere, but let’s talk fashion this time. In one of the 3 arenas, you can find a lot of commercial stands, which are 75% fashion related.

Here’s an overview:

You instantly get attracted by the colorful belts of Pampeano. The Argentine polo belt range is the new hype by equestrians. www.pampeano.co.uk


The stylish shoes with a Gucci inspired touch are a real eyecatcher. www.aosupertrends.com

Sevilla Sicab

Perfect to combine with a tweed jacket or a pair of leather gloves.

Sevilla Sicab 2014Equestrian Sicabwww.paramicouture.com

Equestrian Sicab FashionEquestrian SevillaEquestrian Horse Sicab


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