** Happy NewYear **

Time to look back at the year that passed and see what we’ve been up to. Thanks to all the opportunities that came knocking, I was able to travel a lot and visit amazing places. 2016 was a great blogging year thanks to you, who are reading all our posts and following us on social media! Today is the third of january and it’s time to get back to work 🙂 As from today, all blogposts will be written in English and Dutch. But first a little overview of the best travel moments of 2016!

** Gelukkig Nieuwjaar **

Voila. Vanaf vandaag is het zover, alle blogposts zullen voortaan ook in het Nederlands verschijnen. Op vraag van velen en met enkele Nederlandstalige samenwerkingen op de agenda voor 2017, is dit ons goed voornemen voor het nieuwe jaar :). Dankzij jullie (trouwe lezers) hebben we in 2016 weer een hele waslijst aan kansen gekregen om met luxe hippische merken te mogen samenwerken en de wereld af te reizen. Dit was 2016 in reisfoto’s.horse giraffe rhino snow Instagram will be our main focus of all the social media channels in 2017, so make sure you follow @equestrian_lifestyleblog for daily equestrian fashion inspiration.

Op social media vlak gaan we ons voortaan enkel focussen op Instagram, dus volg zeker @equestrian_lifestyleblog voor je dagelijkse dosis inspiratie.

This month we start with a new series called “Equestrian Eyecatcher“, where we will share the products, people, places and novelties that catches our eye this week. Some funny facts, strange objects, weird people or just a beautiful musthave.

Equestrian Eyecatchers will be your Sunday inspiration

Equestrian Lifestyle

#1 Giant Straw Sculptures

A local artist in Japan has gained fame for her spectacular rice-straw dinosaur sculptures.Visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of these unique sculptures can go to Uwasekigata Park in Niigata City’s Nishikan Ward, where they will remain until the beginning of November.

You know what to do with your leftovers from the barn 🙂

Equestrian LifestyleEquestrian LifestyleEquestrian LifestyleEquestrian LifestyleEquestrian Lifestyle

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you continue to get what you’ve always got”


Horses that continually do the same thing quickly become bored and unmotivated. Here are some tips to spice up your riding habbits and bring back the fun into your daily work with the horses.

#1 Knowledge exchange

 You love showjumping? Why not get in touch with your favorite riders, attend their daily training and get some inspiration.


#2 New discipline

Ever thought of participating a polo game initiation? Or tried some vaulting? Working with your horse on the long reins or do some freestyle excercises? Or maybe some driving? Endless possibilities. Check out the equestrian disciplines and habbits abroad for more inspiration. (photo credit Lorenzo)


#3 Good times

Bring back your childhood memories when you had so much fun with your pony, start playing again, have a good gallop now and than and invite your horse friends to do the same.

equestrian horse

#4 Holiday

Book a holiday for you and your horse. Nothing as relaxing than some quality time with your best friend. Imagine cantering along the beach or exploring the countryside.

Equestrian Lifestyle Holiday

#5 Health

Reflect on your horse’s health and happiness level. Create a training schedule, build up his cardiovascular and muscle strenght and give him regular exercise. Go the extra mile and put another workout in on your horse. Your equine friend will be sure thank you later!


The Equestrian Lifestyle Team wishes you a wonderful 2015!