The Preziosi collection

KEP Italia. More and more the ultimate must have safety cap on every showground. The Italian company was founded in 2007 and aims to produce the best riding helmets in the world. They combine design, technology, raw materials and safety. The superior quality of the Kep Italia helmets has led to a wide fan base of riders worldwide that swear by the brand.

The Kep Italia riding helmets become more and more a fashion statement. The company produces a wide range of different collections and offers a bespoke service for their customers.

As we are always looking for the ultimate luxury and design in equestrian equipment; we were amazed by the Kep Italia preziosi collection. This collection highlights the excellence of Kep Italia by adding semi precious stones and shell features to their helmets. The materials selected by Kep Italia are minerals mostly used in jewellery.Kep Italia Lapis LazuliThis Kep Italia helmet in Malachite retails for 4890€ and is known for its beautiful colour that ranges from pale to dark green.

Equestrian riding helmet luxury

This pinky Kep Italia helmet in Rhodonite retails for 4768€. Rhodonite is also a mineral, whose name comes from the Greek word for pink. This mottled pink and black colour, is mostly used in the creation of necklaces, statues and ornamental objects.

pink helmet horseThe showpiece of the Preziosi collection is fur sure this blue Kep Italia helmet in Lapis Lazuli. Count your saving because this beauty retails for 5073€. Lapis lazuli is one of the oldest precious stones in history and with its intense blue; this stone is most used in jewellery.lapis lazuli equestrian kep helmetAre you more “on a budget” but you still want an exclusive riding helmet of the Preziosi collection, than you can go for the “cheapest” option: a crome textile grey helmet with the front in Abalone. It retails for 1078€. Abalone is a very common seashell renowned for its particular pale iridescence displaying a mixture of marine colours – blue, green and silver.abalone seashell

If you are more into something subtile but still high luxury, you can add some stone details on the front of your helmet. Classy but still pretty eye-catching!equestrian helmet

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Style is an attitude. Combine elegance with engineering and the latest safety requirements in the equestrian industry and the outcome will be the new classy helmet collection by Italian brand Miasuki.
Equestrian Lifestyle
The MIASUKI Competition line is designed for female athletes who are driven to win. It offers the ultimate in technical, performance-led garments for a new era of riding wear. Innovative styles, materials and silhouettes combine elegance with engineering, respecting yet challenging the traditions that previously masculinised female riders.
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 The beautiful Rider helmet has a classic sleek design in black or white.
Equestrian Lifestyle Miasuki
Equestrian Lifestyle Miasuki
The Brocade helmet stands for  femininity and elegance with the distinctive paisley pattern. Designed by MIASUKI and engineered by KEP Italia. The front and back leather panels emanating grace and style. (€1350)
Equestrian Lifestyle Miasuki
Equestrian Lifestyle
 The Winner helmet in the MIASUKI house colour Amarone, with a dual matt and gloss finish is one of our favorites in the collection. Perfect to combine with their clothing line. (€ 760)
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Equestrian Lifestyle
Save the best for last. Our absoute favorite pick is without a doubt the Ribbon helmet.  The Ribbon embodies femininity, mimicking delicate corsetry with its intricate satin lacing detail, with leather inserts. Designed by MIASUKI and engineered by KEP Italia. Ultra lightweight, breathable, comfortable and… oh our next purchase.
Ribbon Helmet

All helmets are available on the MIASUKI website for all European countries.

Within a couple months they are also available in the USA.

Do you want to shop them now? Check out the Luisa via Roma website where you immediately find the Rider , Winner and Brocade model.

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