Life is better at the beach

From 6th till 9th of July 2017 all eyes and cameras were focused on Knokke (Belgium), as knokke Hippique was bringing the glamour of the equestrian world to the most exclusive coastal town of the Benelux.Green grass horseThe horse festival in Knokke starts with Knokke Hippique, a competition at the highest achievable five-star level which brings the world’s top riders to Belgium. After these four days, there are 2 more weekends filled with competition under the name of the Summer Circuit.Green grass blue sky No less than fifteen riders from the top 30 of the world come to Knokke. The status of Knokke Hippique, the unique framework and experience around the sport, the prize money (1.350.000€) and the presence of Rolex and BMW. These are all the ingredients that imply that the world’s best choose for Knokke.Horse jump But, Knokke Hippique is not only about what happens in the ring and at the show ground. It is about the experience, so the guests can enjoy their summer, with friends and family. That’s why the days during the Summer Circuit are a bit shorter, so that you can get time to appreciate everything beautiful and exclusive Knokke has to offer; from the beach, to the dining, to the shopping – the choice is yours.

“This is not an event, this is an experience”

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The infrastructure has been improved for the 2017-edition of Knokke Hippique with a more compact and easy-navigating Lifestyle Village. With 60 exhibitors opening their doors with equestrian apparel, jewellery and fashion their will be no lack of choice. A brand-new Food Court with food trucks is also being introduced at Knokke Hippique, next to the lake – where riders, grooms and visitors can enjoy and share a wide selection of flavours from all over the world.

fashion shopping horseLast, but not least comes of course the unforgettable entertainment that is one of the signatures of the event. A remarkable show up in the sky! Knokke Hippique is and remains a place where everyone feels welcome and at home. 

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Check out Knokke Hippique, a top class equestrian event that breaths a luxurious equestrian lifestyle. Congrats to the Stephex team for organizing this masterpiece near the beach!sand blue hat