St. Moritz has played host to the world’s pre-eminent snow polo tournament since 1985. Besides being the first-ever snow polo tournament, the Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz is the only “high goal” polo tournament played on snow. Cradled in a gorgeous natural setting, the Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz exudes a unique atmosphere on and alongside the playing field. Welcome to St. Moritz, the home of snow polo!snow mountain peopleFounder and organiser of the event and Godfather of snow polo, Reto Gaudenzi opened the tournament at the players’ presentation with these wise words: “Polo without champagne is like polo without horses” and so the tone was set for the weekend, with Perrier-Jouët flowing non-stop, keeping chilled pitch-side as the action on the ice heated-up.snow horse red blanket mountainHorse snow Rommy Gianni’s Team Cartier win the Snow Polo World Cup 2017. In the Final, they beat Melissa Ganzi and her Team Badrutt’s Palace Hotel with 7-4. In the final of the runnners-up, Team Perrier-Jouët takes its first victory – beating James Beh’s Team Maserati with 4-5. The 15 000 fans who gathered the event over the three tournament days set a new record.Polo Mountain Horse

Bye polo ponys, see you next year!

Snow Polo St.Moritz


Time to go viral all the way and start with a fresh and new initiative on our blog. You ‘ve probably heared of the word “vlog“, which is actually a “video blog” and a form of web television. It’s pretty awkward to record yourself, but on the other hand it’s a great way to give you all a glimpse backstage during equestrian events. We are very lucky and honored that the Number 1 Equestrian social network in the UK “The Haynet” picked us up and featured our new vlogs on their website. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog You can subscribe to our Youtube channel here. Our first 2 vlogs were shot in The Netherlands, when we’ve attented a unique polo competition in the center city of Maastricht. We’ve also went to Amsterdam (a mustvisit when you’re in Europe) where luxury fashion house Hermès held their Festival des Métiers. With summer around the corner, lots of equestrian events are on the calender, so stay tuned for more!



As equestrians, we are always looking for perfection. Whether it is in our fashionable outfit, in grooming our horse or in going for the extra mile in competition. Every detail is important, every dressage step must be 100% under controle and every second in the jump off makes the difference between the first place or…no place.Stella Artois Equestrian Lifestyle

Perfectionism. Could this be the reason Belgium beer Stella Artois is partnering with Carlos “Polito ” Ulloa and the Argentine Open Polo Tournament in Buenos Aires at the end of this year? Off course, Stella Artois had created a series of the World’s most prestigious events and brings behind the scenes stories of all types of perfectionists.Stella Artois Equestrian Lifestyle

World class polo trainer Carlos Ulloa is one of the best and people describe him as the man with a vision to spot champions when no one else sees them.. Let this qoute be the theme of the advertisement, the polo pony whom viewers see him breaking-in is initially invisible. The final moment when the horse becomes rideable, he also becomes visible. (click to see)Stella Artois Youtube Equestrian Lifestyle

As born in the home town of Stella Artois, but also as a horse lover and passionate marketing person, I must say this is a great advertisement. The story behind the video reflects the vision and development of the Belgian beer brand. But let me ad one critical comment on this advertisement: creating a sponsorship with an equestrian event in a country were horse slaughter is core business…#stophorseslaughter

Stella Artois

Polo tournament Argentina

Stop Horse Slaughter