A revolution in grooming

Do you still remember your pony days and the reason why your were that little girl/boy who was always hanging around the barn? Probably the uncomplicated trails in the woods were one of the reasons… To me cuddling with the ponies and make them look like shiny glitterballs with pink bows in their hair were also part of the fun! Many years later, I still love grooming the horses. Although the pink bows and the glitter I swapped for classy knots and quality brushware.

As a rider, I appreciate the importance of grooming. Not only is this the way you need to remove dust and dirt from your horse, it will also give your horse an excellent skin and coat health. The grooming process strengthens the emotive bonding between the horse, especially when you work with youngsters or nervous horses. And last but not least, grooming is the first step in the warm up of the horse’s muscles before training.

Equestrian stallion long manes

To me, grooming is more than that

Due to a personal experience and the positive effect grooming had on my horse in that situation, I would really like to point out the importance of using premium brushware.

A couple of years ago, my horse had a very serious injury. After surgery and 2 weeks of residence at the equine hospital, he had boxrest for quite some months. Our daily grooming moments were a real pleasure for him. It helped him to relax his muscles and grooming had a positive influence on his recovery. Nowadays he stills enjoys his extensive grooming sessions. In my quest to the ultimate grooming experience for my horse, I fell in love with the Renwick & Sons Equine Brush Collection.

Renwick & Sons Brushware

Since 1798, the family run company has been producing brushware in the heart or rural Northumberland (UK). Equestrian brushware is a new endeavour for the British company. Their aim is to combine years of experience, passion, craftsmanship and the latest technologies.

“We found ourselves struggling to understand why no range on the market offered products reflecting the advancements in technology and the demands of equestrians for high quality. For both rider and horse, equestrianism has such beautiful equipment and quality tools for most purposes, yet the brushes we saw on offer were so basic.” Dixit Renwick & Sons

We totally agree! Riders spend a ton on riding boots, saddles and fashionable equipment, but when you have a look in their grooming box, all you see is worn out material.

Brushware Book

Innovative technology

Renwick & Sons have incorporated the latest technology into their brushes, utilising innovative bristles and ergonomically comfortable body, hand crafted from traditional sustainable hardwood. Each piece has been created exclusively for you and your horse to achieve the best possible results. By combining specific additives and high-grade polymers, Renwick & Sons have been able to incorporate Monotec® ionic bristle filaments into our brushes, which not only offer superior hygiene and cleansing properties but also help prevent bristle shedding. These additives are harsh on bacteria, dust and dirt yet kind to your horses’ sensitive skin.

Brushware equestrian

Monotec® ionic bristles also temporarily reverse the polarity of the horse’s hair molecules from (-) to (+) which attracts the positively charged ions. This operates much in the way a magnet does to metal and helps boost circulation with a soothing effect on the horse, which in turn encourages relaxation and with regular use will encourage smooth, shiny hair with reduced frizz and flyaway. The bristles used by Renwick & Sons are the only ones on the market which work in this way, using the same bristles in our brushes for human hair.

Equestrian Brushware

The ultimate design

The grooming kit contains 8 premium brushes and each tool features an ergonomic body as the focal point of the design. All the individual brushes are profiled with an adjustable leather strap and feature an elongated cut out section within the head, created for those who wish to hang the beautiful brushes. They also feature an exclusive ‘arrow head’ etched pattern detail to give further stability and grip confidence when in use. What makes the design even more perfect is the way you can have your brushes personalized. Each piece has been created exclusively for you and your horse. If you desire a particular wood for your brush body or buffalo leather for straps, just name it, the possibilities are limitless!

You can also add some engraving to your brushes. The name of your horse or the name of your barn on the leather strap is a perfect example of this. We chose for ‘Equestrian Lifestyle‘. You have a choice of different colors of leather straps, so you can become the designer of your own brushware.

Brushware Equestrian

Equestrian Brushware

What’s your favorite leather strap? Walnut / Antique Mahogany / Slate Grey / Peppermint

Equestrian Brushware

Our favorite brush

I was lucky enough to test the brushes before the launch and I really recommend incorporating them into your daily grooming routine. It is difficult to pick out one favorite, because they all have so much added value. If I really need to choose one, it will be the mane and tail T brush. My horse has very long and lush manes and a thick tail. Before I used the Renwick & Sons brush collection, I utilised 3 different brushes and a comb just to brush his mane and tail. The Renwick & Sons mane and tail T brush was created to make light work of grooming the horse’s tail and mane. Exactly what I needed! The T shaped brush design is unique to Renwick & Sons, but so is the inverse brush filling. The T shaped brush gives you the ability to comb through, flip the brush over to work through the hair with bristles, then turn the head back to comb should any further knots or tangles be found.

Equestrian Brushware

Pure indulgence

The Renwick & Sons Equine Brushware Collection is expected to give you years of grooming excellence. I can highly recommend using the brush collection. Not only will you start seeing a difference in your horse’s coat health, the collection is also pure indulgence for the person who is using it.

The Renwick & Sons grooming tools are only sold as a complete kit. In that way, you’ll achieve maximal results because each tool has to be designed to work with each other. You’ll see the long lasting effects from using the whole kit over time.

A perfect gift for a demanding rider or a luxury treat for yourself. It is up to you.

Equestrian Brushware

You can order the premium brush collection at Renwick & Sons.

They deliver worldwide and offer a bespoke service. The kit is not only beautiful to look at and to use, but it’s the outstanding attention to detail and the fact that it could never be mass produced that sets a precedent never seen before in the world of horse grooming.

 If you want to discover more of the beautiful design, have a look at the Renwick & Sons instagram page.

Equestrian Brushware