Some of you may – or may not – know I have a soft spot for Iberian horses (Spanish & Portugese horses). Although I am not really into the typical Spanish/Portuguese dress code the riders use to wear. Don’t get me wrong, the riding style in the South of Europe is very pretty and has a long years tradition, but in my opinion you can only wear the typical traditional style when the Spanish/Portuguese rhythm is in your veins. Spanish horse and colorful dressAs a yearly tradition, I always attend the SICAB in Seville, an equestrian event where you can enjoy a mix of horsesport, breeding competitions, beautiful horses and the Spanish culture. There are also a lot of shops (see here) where you can buy the typical Spanish riding gear.  There is one thing that always catches my attention…the riding boots. I recently discovered the “Spanish Boot Company“, a British company who imported the most stunning boots with an Iberian touch. All boots presented by The Spanish Boot Company are authentically Spanish. They are imported from Valverde del Camino which is near Seville in southern Spain. An area renown for its quality leather craftmanship.Brown Leather riding bootsFounder of The Spanish Boot Company Emma, worked at a stable yard in Portugal where she bought herself a lovely pair of riding boots at a local shop. As she got so many compliments from her clients, she decided to go back home to the UK and started her own company where she provided the British market with good quality Spanish merchandise at affordable prices. Today, 10 years later her shop is the place to be for riding boots, ponchos and tweed products. A shop where customer service is a royal service!Brown leather boots with brown bag What I like the most about the riding boots is the way you can style them. They are perfect for an equestrian adventure but also perfect to wear with an outdoor chic look. I love to wear the boots in combination with typical British brands, like a Burberry scarf, a Barbour wax coat and a Dubarry bag. It gives your outfit that little extra equestrian effect.Brown BootsBut let’s rewind to my first sentence..I have soft spot for Iberian horses…And as you can see on the picture, those Iberian horses have a soft spot for The Spanish Boot CompanyWhite stallion with brown bootsSpanish boots available in different colors

All info => The Spanish Boot Company

Let’s talk about amazing equestrian venues,… let’s talk about Spanish horses, …let’s combine both and you will have the first edition of the PREcup at the wonderful accomodation of Gestüt Schloss Amerang in Germany. (photocredit Gestüt Schloss Amerang)Equestrian Lifestyle PREcupDuring the weekend of 26-27th September, a small town in Germany (Amerang) was the place to be for Spanish horse lovers and breeders. Gestüt Schloss Amerang, owned by the Family von Crailsheim-Larisch, is one of the most wonderful and peaceful equestrian places I’ve ever been. The stables and indoor arena are recently built by Hiwo Systembau, who are know for their wooden construction in riding halls, which you can admire here:Equestrian LifestyleWho wouldn’t ride a perfect dressage test while the master himself ‘François Robichon de la Guérinière is watching you from a painting.Equestrian Lifestyle

Saturday morning, the first edition of the international breeding show is ready for take off.

Equestrian Lifestyle PRECUP

Today the young stallions will be presented at the longe. You can admire the older ones on the longe and under the saddle. Equestrian Lifestyle Amerang PRECUP

International judges Javier Piqué Angel and Antonio Vazquez Fernandez will be keeping an eye on the quality of the movements and the presentation. (first stallion: Nectar Larios)Equestrian Lifestyle Amerang PRECUP

Equestrian Lifestyle PRECUP Amerang

With this competition, the family Crailsheim-Larisch wants to offer breeders from Europe the chance to compete with their horses at high level in south Germany. The breeding aim at the Amerang Castle Stud is a tall and heavy horse typical for the breed with ground covering movements and an intelligent and friendly character. The horses are from bloodlines Señorio de Bariain, Cardenas, Yeguada Militar, Bohorquez as well as Cartusion bloodlines. Today the studfam has around 28 high-quality horses in exceptional colors as you can see below.Equestrian Lifestyle Amerang PRECUP

Equestrian Lifestyle

Equstrian Lifestyle

On the second day of the PREcup, the spotlight was on the mares. This lovely lady was accompanied by her foal, which will be for sure a future “rockstar” when you see his attitude and beauty.Equestrian LifestyleEquestrian Lifestyle PrecupThe Barock touch is not only visible in the breeding of the horses (Pura Raza Española) but also in the decoration of the stables. The mares are housed in a luxurious box with a padock for each “lady“. Equestrian Lifestyle PRECUPEquestrian Lifestyle PRECUPThe “boys crib” is on the other side of the stud farm and is absolutely stunning. A stallion’s dream to live in a place like this. (first photo by Gestüt Schloss Amerang)Equestrian Lifestyle PRECUPEquestrian Lifestyle Precup

A little bit of shopping never killed anyone, so during the break you had the possibility to shop equestrian inspired quality goods like bags, gloves, jewelry and boots. Equestrian Lifestyle PRECUPEquestrian Lifestyle PRECUPEven the car / dashhund lovers couldn’t complain.Equestrian Lifestyle PRECUPOn Sunday evening, the first edition of the PREcup has come to end. A major thanks to the team of Gestüt Schloss Amerang for the invite and congratulations with the organisation! EquestrianLifestyle

(above) Stallion Rumboso MIB during the price wining ceremony. Stud farm Schloss Amerang has won the price for best studfarm in Germany.Equestrian LifstyleTime to leave this dream stable with a magical sunset behind us.Equestrian Lifestyle

Hope to see you all in 2 years for the second edition of the PREcup.



We love sourcing unique pieces to “decorate ” our horses. Forget about the bling bling swarovski equipment and varnish leather for your furry friends, polo style is the new it-thing.

Equestrian Lifestyle

Creative soul, horse lover and polo player Alina Carta (founder of Masai of Palm Beach) is involved with polo for over 35 years and this experience inspired her to develop a unique as well as a sturdy interpretation of the bridle brow band. As saddle pads and bandages serve to distinguish polo teams around the world, the customized brow band decoratively distinguishes the individual owner.

Equestrian Lifestyle

All the products are handmade in Africa by the Masai Tribe and the designs are inspired by the Masai’s customary tribal attire and decor. Their bead work has had a long history among the Masai women, passed on through generation to generation. The beads are bold in color and typically set in high contrast patterns which are spiritually meaningful for the Masai.

Equestrian Lifestyle

Did you know all colors have a meaning? Blue represents the sky and white stands for purity. These colors are matching perfectly with my stallion.

Equestrian Lifestyle

The leather is really soft, the shape of the  browband fits perfectly and is completely “sweat-proof“. Every detail represents craftsmanship.

Equestrian Lifestyle

There are more than 20 bead colors available so you can customize your own browband or accessory.

Equestrian Lifestyle

If you are one of those people who wants to have matching accessories, than you are at the right place at Masai of Palm Beach. They even have colorful belts, bracelets, keychains, sandals and dog collars in the same material.

Equestrian Lifestyle

These bracelets are not only matching you horse’s brow bands, but are also the perfect accessory at a festival, cool and playful.

Equestrian Lifestyle

Thanks to Alina for the lovely gifts!

Check out Masai of Palm Beach

Egon Von Neindorff († 19/05/2004) was the master of classical horsemanship and owned his riding institute in Karlsruhe, Germany. What happened with the heritage after he passed away? imagesEZEUV1NHIn 2011, I spent some time at the riding institute to improve my riding skills and to learn more about the classical dressage principles. An extraordinary experience that made me call the effectivness of modern dressage training into question.

SAM_0093  Entering the gates of the riding school with my horse made me feel humble  but so excited at the same time. The institute is located in a former casern, which gives you immediatly the feeling of tradition, virtue and strictness.Eingangstor_600   The daily routine starts at 07:00 AM with feeding the horse, mucking out the stables and leveling the indoor arena with a rake. (!)

Hours of lunging lessons without stirrups were part of the training, but I also got the chance to train the high schooled horses to get to know the feeling of piaffe, passage, levade,..all educated with the classical principles in mind.

Reitinstitut_PaddocksThe stables are old but clean and the communication with the horses is a no-nonsens one, which made the best friends. You can discuss for hours the training methods and differences between modern dressage and the classical inspired training with the equestrian managers of the institute.


If you have the guts to apply for a training course or internship, you won’t regret it. Enjoy the beautiful indoor arena.


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In 2013, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna was opening his doors to professional trainers. The idea was to open the school for foreign riders to share their century old knowledge of classical dressage.Equestrian LifestyleThe perfect opportunity for me (as a trainer/rider) to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes and to learn more about their training methods.The training course took place at the equestrian center Heldenberg, about 50 km outside of Vienna.aA brand new and modern training center with all facilities, in the middle of nowhere, where every horse feels like a king. The perfect place to improve your training in a professional environment.cEvery horse has his own paddock to enjoy the sunshine.dThe outdoor area is in perfect condition to train high school dressage.e

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog Spanish Riding School A little sneak peek into the stables: spacious boxes with a lot of light.fThe beautiful indoor areagUnfortunately, it was not allowed to take pictures during the training sessions.hOur group of trainers came from all over the world, which leads to very inspiring discussions. The course – an sich– was very interesting and chief rider Andreas Hausberger was answering all our questions. We also had the chance to attend the daily training sessions with the schoolhorses and permanent riders. For those who wonder, no rollkur or no low-deep-round methods were shown. After a week of training, I took some time to visit the famous indoor arena in the center city of Vienna.SAM_576020130919_1706219A few times a year the horses are switched stables, the ones who live in the center of Vienna are moving to Heldenberg and those who are stabled in Heldenberg come to Vienna. In the center of Vienna, there is no place for grazing or running and bocking around in the field. But what a privilege the Lipizzaner stallions have in Vienna: world’s largest oval horse walker. With its 132 m, the walker can fit 20 horses in it. 20130919_160316

A guided tour leads you through the stables, the tack room and the indoor area.5A sample of the different marks6You can have a drink in the café or buy some goodies at the souvenir shop.20130919_15182510I enjoyed my stay in Vienna and can recommand it to everyone!

For the professional trainers/riders who are interested in the traditional way of dressage training, check out the training center in Heldenberg. I would like to thank Andreas Hausberger and the other trainers for all the information and interesting training week.

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