Time to go viral all the way and start with a fresh and new initiative on our blog. You ‘ve probably heared of the word “vlog“, which is actually a “video blog” and a form of web television. It’s pretty awkward to record yourself, but on the other hand it’s a great way to give you all a glimpse backstage during equestrian events. We are very lucky and honored that the Number 1 Equestrian social network in the UK “The Haynet” picked us up and featured our new vlogs on their website. Equestrian Lifestyle Blog You can subscribe to our Youtube channel here. Our first 2 vlogs were shot in The Netherlands, when we’ve attented a unique polo competition in the center city of Maastricht. We’ve also went to Amsterdam (a mustvisit when you’re in Europe) where luxury fashion house Hermès held their Festival des Métiers. With summer around the corner, lots of equestrian events are on the calender, so stay tuned for more!